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A Friend in Need

Jordan woke up with a start when he heard his phone ringing incessantly. Lana was sleeping soundly on his chest and he didn't want to wake her, so he slid out of the bed quietly and searched for the device. He finally recovered it in the pocket of his jeans that were lying on the floor. He slipped on his boxers and went outside to answer the call.


"Jord-Jordan-it's me-me.."


"I'm sorry man! I messed up! I'm really sorry JC! Please forgive me man-"

"Pres where are you?"

"I killed her JC..I loved her and I freakin' killed her!"

"Let me come and get you-where are you?"

"I don't deserve to live..I've hurt so many people..I hurt you JC-I got jealous-I wanted what you had..your life was so perfect that  I wan-ted that for myself!"

"It's okay man..we're cool.." Jordan went to look for Jones and pointed at the phone.

"Preston?" Jones whispered and he nodded.

"I'll get the cops to trace the number. Keep him on the line as long as possible." Jones whispered.

"JC? Are you there"

"Yes..I'm here..it's going to be okay man.."

"It's not okay dude. You loved me like a brother-and- I- I'm soorrryy!"

"Hey, hey! no need to cry dude..I know that you messed..you need help-let me help you Pres-"

"I hurt a lot of people man..I hurt Bella..I hurt Lana..and they're really good people!"

"She didn't hate you-I saw her just before she-you know-?" 

"You were there? You-saw- saw her?" he hiccuped.

"Yeah. Yeah I did."

"What have I done JC!! What did I do??! " Preston broke down again and Jordan heard a grown man cry like a baby. He felt bad for his friend but he knew that he had to do the right thing.

"Preston? Listen to me..I want to help you okay? I care about you-let me help you?"

"I don't deserve to live Jordan!"

"Of cos you do man!"

"Why? Give me one reason why you think I shouldn't end my life right now?"

"Because I need you Pres-"

"No you don't!"

"Yes! Yes I do."

"Well I don't think I deserve your forgiveness..I didn't deserve-Bellaa!" he screamed in agony.

"Pres please-"

"She loved me-Bella loved me and I-why?? Why did I do that to her? Why did I hurt her?"

"You didn't mean-"

"I was at the funeral you know. I watched from a distance and it broke my heart JC-it tore me apart!"

"I know man."

"Thanks for all the good times Jordan Carter. I will never forget you man. You're the best friend I ever had."

"Preston..please don't!" Jordan heard a click of a gun and he started to panic.

"Please tell Lana I'm sorry man. She's a good girl JC. Take care of her okay? Don't do what I did to Bella.."

"Preston please listen to me-we can get through this-"

"Jordan Carter you are the most-talented kid I ever had the pleasure of knowing-"

"Preston please!" Jordan gripped his phone until his knuckles turned white. 

"I love you man. Take care of yourself."

"DON'T DO THIS THIS!! Please-" BANG! A deafening gunshot resounded through the phone's earpiece and then a loud thud.

The phone was dead..and so was Preston.


By the time the police arrived at the apartment where Preston was hiding out, his brains were splattered all over the carpet. They called in Jordan to identify the remains and he didn't have the heart to so Jones went instead. 

Jordan was clearly traumatized by the whole incident and dazed, still trying to comprehend the calamity that had befallen him yet again. When the day of the funeral came and they had to go he was inconsolable though he made no complaint. He paid for everything and made sure Preston had a dignified send off-although he didn't deserve it. There was a handful of people at there, mostly Jordan's friends and associates. Preston had no surviving family.

He stood at the coffin in between Lana, Kyle and Jones; with his dark sunglasses on to hide his bloodshot eyes; and watched as his friend was lowered into the ground. He thought he didn't have the strength to cry any more but as the casket hit solid ground he crumpled onto the grass and wept bitterly. He cried for the friend that he just lost as he remembered all the good times that they shared-everything they had been through and hoe it spiraled to this..Preston being buried six feet under.

Lana knelt beside him, nestled his head on her bosom and rubbed his back as he cried. "It's okay my love. Let it all out." She patted him on the head as she spoke, and she cooed softly.

Kyle and Jones helped him to his feet after everyone had left, and they were the only ones at the grave-side. 
"Let's go babe. It's over now." Lana said.

"Come on..let's get you home," Kyle said as he and Jones lifted Jordan off the grit.


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