Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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Thanksgiving-a time of year when families gather to give thanks for the many blessings they are afforded. Lana was thankful for a lot of things-she was married to her childhood crush and one of the hottest stars in the universe, he loved her and she was head over heels in love with him. She got a full scholarship at Julliard-thanks to Kyle-and she a guaranteed position at either Jordan or Kyle's record company. Life was good and things could only get better.. 

Lana was sitting at her dresser, getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner at Maya's, when Jordan walked in. "Lana, can we talk?" he said as he fiddled with his diamond cuff-link.

"You called me Lana so this has to be serious.." she turned around and gave him her full attention. 

He sat down beside her and held her hands, "I don't know how to say this but..you need to move out."

"What?" She stared and turned to him a face of confusion.

"I've already spoken to AK and she said she would be happy to have you- or I could set you up in your own apartment if-"

"Wait-what?" The bewilderment and unaccustomed weakness overtook her.

"I think I'm going about this the wrong way...But before you start to misread the whole situation, let me explain what I intend to do." He clasped his hands together and took a deep breath, "I want you to move out so that I can date you. Properly that is.."

"I still don't understand-" interrupted Lana and Jordan held up his hand.

"Let me finish-please?"He asked and she nodded; but her face was red as crimson.

"We kind of did everything backwards so I was thinking that you deserved better than that." He turned away from the look in her eyes and stared out of the window. "So I want to do right by you and treat you like how you were supposed to be treated from the onset. Is that okay with you?"

"I..I don't know what to say Carter.." She looked at him silently, feeling harried and unsure of herself.

"Look don't get me wrong-we are NOT breaking up and we are NOT are not taking a break from this relationship." He spoke, with a very expressive smile and emphasis.

"So what are we doing Carter?" A shade of uneasiness darkened her brow.

"Giving us a chance to really get to know each other..with no pressure.." A calmness had set in and with it had come a clarification of his thoughts. "I feel like I was kind of forced onto you and you made a decision to be with me under duress..??" He watched her, while she narrowed her eyes in deep thought.

"We were thrown together babe but that's all in the past Carter. I don't care about the past-just our future," she held his hand affectionately in hers, and  drew him toward her. "I know we had a bumpy start but look how far we have come babe?"

"Can we just try doing this for a ceratin period-a week, a month maybe?? I feel that I owe you that much. Please allow me to do this for you? For us?" he appealed to her once more. 

"Okay Carter..but just know that it won't change the way I feel about you.." she gave his hands a gentle squeeze.

"But I want it to baby..I want you to fall in love with me all over again," his blue eyes gleamed with hope.

"Hmmm..I'm beginning to warm up to this idea..but I don't think I can love you anymore than I do now.." she smoothed the lapel of his jacket and looked into his eyes.

"With that being said..Lana Logan, will you be my girlfriend?" he glanced down at her, with a wide grin. "I'll think about it.." she said before their lips locked.

"I'll take that as a yes." He answered, gently, but decisively. 

"So when do you want me out? Tonight?" she cocked an eyebrow at an almost treasonable angle.

"After the weekend can work for me because I got plans for you tonight baby.." he nibbled her earlobe and a delicious shiver coursed through her body.

"Can I you give me a little preview?" she asked.

He turned her face up to his own again, and softly kissed her lips. "Sorry sweets. You're just going to have to wait until after Thanksgiving Dinner is over and we're back here." 

"Gosh!" she exclaimed, "we're going to be late!" she stood up abruptly and started to get ready again.

"Kyle's dad is hosting us at one of his hotels so we can't be late. He's so particular about time." Jordan picked up his tie and fastened it around his neck.

"Is there going to be an after party?" 

"Most probably..knowing Jamie and Kyle-they've probably planned  every detail of this night," he replied as he slipped on his ankle boots.

"So where will be spending Christmas?" Lana asked as she brushed her hair that had since grown.

"It's a surprise!" he said in a mysterious whisper. "But we're going with the whole gang and their significant others. It's going to be a blast-I guarantee you that," he kissed her forehead then turned her around so he could help her zip up her dress. 

"Hmm..Looks like Versace on the floor again tonight.."" he kissed her shoulder and she laughed. 

"Only you can think of that Carter!" she pushed him away playfully just as his phone begin to ring.


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