Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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“I’m so relieved. He believes us.” Jordan breathed a sigh of relief as they jumped back in the car. They had just finished their meeting with the President and fortunately he was on their side now.

“And he’s willing to help put an end to this madness.” Maya added as she put her hand on her forehead and pushed back into the headrest. “Is that your phone or mine?”

“It’s mine.” Jordan drew his iPhone from his pocket, and answered.


“Have you checked on your wife lately son? Accidents do happen you know..”

“Stay away from her! I’m warning you..”

“I’m afraid it’s too late for that son..”

“What have you done?!”

“I figured you needed a little push in the right direction, so this is how it’s going to work until you co-operate: A life for a life... Just remember that next time my men won’t miss. when you’re ready to talk let me know.”

“Jones! Take me home as soon as you can!” Jordan commanded.

“Got it.” Jones replied.

“What is it JC?” Maya asked with a look of concern.

“I’ll tell you in a minute-I need to call Lana-” He dialled her number frantically and got no response. Then another call came in while he was trying to call her again.


“Hie JC-Lana has been stabbed in the chest and is in a critical state. We’re on our way to Northwell Hospital.” His bodyguard informed.

“How did she get stabbed?! You had one job and you couldn't do it! WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THAT HAPPENED?? You’re fired! All of you!!

“JC-there was a crowd-someone just threw it from no where-”

“SHUT UP! Stop talking! If you were doing your job my wife wouldn’t be-I’m on my way!

Jordan gripped his phone and pinched the bridge of his nose with his other hand. “We need to get to New York..Lana was attacked..she was stabbed in the chest..” he said in a choked voice.

“On no!” Maya put her hands over her mouth and gasped, shrinking into the corner of the SUV.

“Do they know who did it?” Jones glanced back briefly.

“I-I-don’t know..” Jordan’s face was white and he was close to tears.

She squeezed his hand, and looked bravely up and said: “She will be fine. We have to believe that.”

“I can’t-I can’t lose her!” whimpered Jordan, from behind both hands.

“You won’t!” Maya slid closer to him and put her arms about him, hugging him tightly and cried along with him.


They arrived at the hospital and waited anxiously for the surgeon to come out and give them an update. Lana had been in the operating theater for the past six hours and there was no doctor near, nor anyone who knew anything of the surgery. Jordan paced up and down the hallway, until his eyes were caught by the figure of the surgeon advancing there in the corridor. Jones hurried forward to meet the doctor and opened his weak mouth to ask an explanation, but Jordan rushed in.

“How is she Doctor? Can we see her??”

“Mr Carter I presume? I’m Dr Lambert. ” Every eye was upon him, and the friends were silent as death, waiting for the prognosis.

“Yes! I’m the husband-how’s my wife and my baby?” Jordan repeated, impatiently.

“We managed to remove the blade of the dagger and did extensive repair to her chest and arm, the wounds were pretty deep-but unfortunately, she has slipped into a coma-we just have to wait and see how she feels if she wakes up-”

“What do you mean is she wakes up?! She’s going to wake up! What about my baby??! Jordan roughly shoved against the doctor’s chest.

“Mr Carter, I understand that you’re upset..” Returned Dr Lambert, composedly.

“I’m sorry about that Dr. Please forgive him? How is the baby?” Jones asked as he restrained a distraught Jordan.

“Like I said- all we can do at this stage is wait. The baby is still okay but there is no guarantee I’m afraid..”

“Can I see her?! Can you at least allow me to see my wife?!”Jordan yelled.

“Of course. Please follow me.” Went on Dr Lambert, who had paid no heed to his outburst.

Dr Lambert escorted them to the ICU section of the hospital and left them right at Lana’s door. “If you need anything let me know.” He nodded curtly and left.

“I’ll wait out here. You go ahead.” Jones commended.

“I can’t do this Jay-” Jordan hesitated and numb with fright, he stood and looked at Lana on lying the hospital bed.

“Yes you can. She needs you. Now more than ever.” Jones grabbed his arm, without saying anything further, and pulled him into the room. He steered him towards the bed and they stood together, looking at Lana’s comatose form. “You can do this.” Jones whispered before he left Jordan alone at the bedside.

Lana’s body was attached to machines and tubes. Her chest and arms swathed in bandages; her eyes were closed. Her face a dead, chalky white, and her body hung limp. He gently trailed his fingers across her cheek, and looked down on her face. He averted his gaze for a moment, and struggled hard with his feelings. His features were pitifully convulsed, and tears welled in his eyes. He hurled himself onto the bed and lay beside her, careful not to inflict any further pain; and hid his face in the crook of her neck and sobbed.


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