Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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Forever is a Long Time

Jordan adjusted his tie for the hundredth time and shifted on his feet, anxiously waiting at the alter. He looked so handsome and sexy in a dark grey suit, his platinum hair was combed back, not a single strand out of place.  Kyle, Justin and James winked at him and he calmed down a bit. But that was short lived as he saw Lana walking down the aisle, draped on Jones arm. His chest constricted and his breathing became erratic; he tugged at his tie again.  He tried to slow it down, to take even breaths, but it wasn't working.

She knocked the breath out of his lungs and he couldn't hide it. His brilliant blue eyes seemed to search her face. They left a sizzling trail from her eyes to her lips, that were curled up in a sweet smile that melted his heart. He couldn't tear his eyes away from her, as she practically floated to him. Her white dress hugged every contour of her body and the skirt fell around her ankles; caressing her legs with every step-and how he wished it was him instead. His gaze started at her feet and slow, very slowly, took in every line, every curve of her body until their eyes meet. It was all he could do to restrain himself from running towards her, swooping her off the ground and running away with her.

Her raven black hair was left loose, just the way he liked it, flicked to the side with a diamond comb, and it fell down her exposed back, in soft, romantic waves. Her face shone like a rare pearl and was so radiant. Her eyes shone with love and relayed a promise of forever. Everyone else in the room melted away as their eyes locked, and sparked like an electrical current.

 Their happiness radiated allover the room like the warm sparkle of the sun. The wedding was in their back garden.  The lawn was perfectly manicured and the yard had an incredible view of the ocean. Surrounding the area where the guests sat was a beautiful landscaped garden. Everyone was bathed in the floral scents of roses, gardenias, and lilies. In the middle of the garden was a long staircase that made a slight decline from the reception hall down to a circular path that wraps around a large fountain. With all the twinkling lights sprinkled over every shrub and maple tree, it was like a fairytale.

"Will you look at that? Jordan Carter is all teary-eyed." Kyle leaned over and whispered in Jordan's ear.

All Jordan could do was nod dumbly. "You chose this song intentionally didn't you?"

"Yes." Kyle smiled without apology. "It's totally worth it to watch you squirm?"

"Well played Ky," he said under his breath.

"You get it now?" 

"I totally get it." He nodded as his eyes drank her in, pupils dilating.

Dan and Shay were on stage crooning Speechless and it described perfectly how Jordan felt right now. He had no words to describe how he felt about the vision of loveliness that stood before him. Tears were in his eyes as Jones handed her over to him and now it made sense why some men cried when they saw the bride walk down the aisle. He understood now more than ever and felt a sense of relief when he noticed she was crying too. 

"You look beautiful Lana. You always manage to take my breath away." He whispered softly to her as his eyes met hers. 

His fingers traced a line along the skin of her arm, down to her fingertips. His fingers weaved together with hers as they held hands. He look down at her hands holding his and brought them up to his lips. Her breathing changed too as he kissed each tip of her fingers, his lips lingering on the last one.

"I'm all your Carter. Only you." She replied with so much love and tenderness. 

Instead of repeating the vows, Lana and Jordan had decided to sing Ruelle's I Get to Love You to each other. Kyle had to pass a Kleenex to Jordan who was openly crying now, along with his bridal team and most of the guests.

"I'm not going to cry.." Jones said in a shaky voice.

"Who are you trying to fool?" James sniffled as he dabbed at his red eyes.

"Oh what the heck.." Jones surrendered to the tears and pulled out his handkerchief. 

One look at you,
My whole life falls in line.
I prayed for you
Before I called you mine.
Oh I can't believe it's true sometimes.
Oh I can't believe it's true.
I get to love you.
It's the best thing that I'll ever do.
I get to love you.
It's a promise I'm making to you:
Whatever may come your heart I will choose
Forever I'm yours, Forever i do.
I get to love you
I get to love you
The way you love,
It changes who i am.
I am undone.
I thank god once again.
Oh I can't believe it's true sometimes.
Oh I can't believe it's true.
I get to love you.
It's the best thing that I'll ever do.
I get to love you.
It's a promise I'm making to you:
Whatever may…

The marriage official sealed their confession and they exchanged rings. Finally it was time to kiss the bride and Jordan kissed Lana like she would slip out of his hands if he didn't kiss her hard enough. The desperation between them grew and the kiss felt different than all the others that came before.  The official cleared his throat and they came giggling back to reality. 

"Sorry about that." Jordan apologised, just as a formality, not taking his eyes off his blushing bride. He kissed her forehead, the tip of her nose, her chin, her lips. 

"I love you Lana Carter." He professed again.

"I love you Jordan Carter." Asserted Lana, cupping his cheek.


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