Falling For The Badboy Superstar

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“Welcome back to the show. I’m your host Victor Martin and tonight we have the Dad we all know you’d like to do-the bad-boy turned good-multi-platinum artist-heartthrob-pop idol and all things sexy-please help me welcome Jordan ‘freakin’ Carter!!”

The audience roared a deafening shout and gave Jordan a standing ovation.

“We love you JC!” His fans screamed as he waved at them modestly.

“Please take a seat JC.” Victor ushered to the couch opposite from where he was sitting. “Again-I’d like to say welcome to the show.”

“Thank you for having me Vic. It’s always a pleasure to be here.” Jordan sank onto the seat, and relaxed.

“Sooo..you’ve been busy..” Victor grinned at him.

“Extremely!” Jordan laughed.

“We can see that marriage and fatherhood is treating you well-” Victor turned to the crowd for confirmation. “Am I right?!”

Cat whistles and screams echoed through the studio and Jordan almost blushed.

“Tell us more about that? How have you been juggling being a father-to the most adorable twins-a doting husband, and you still have remained relevant and consistent in the music industry?”

“I guess-I love what I do.” Jordan shrugged. “All of it!”

“Can we talk about your wife, Lana Carter-for a moment? It’s like she turned into an overnight success-she’s one of the top music producers in the industry right now-how do you feel about that? Do you feel threatened-?

“Lana is not only my soulmate but my biggest fan.. and I have been her greatest motivator, cheerleader, constant companion-I’ve always wanted her to be the best she can be. She inspires me and keeps pushing me to be a better man-in all aspects of my life. I would never feel threatened by her success. Ever. I just love her-so much. She’s amazing!” Jordan gushed.

“Wow! Just looking at the glow on your face when you talk about her says it all.” Victor smiled. “It looked like you were about to jump on the couch like Tom Cruise!”

“Don’t tempt me!” He chuckled.

“How do you keep the fire burning? I mean you are a sex idol-Girls love you and lust after you...they practically throw themselves at your feet. How do you keep the romance alive and how do you assure her that you only have eyes for her?”

“I stoke the flames Vic-and make sure they never die down!” The audience laughed along with him.

“Tell us about the sex tape?”

“Someone decided to intrude and document a very private and intimate moment between my wife and I so..what can I say really?” Jordan pushed his hair back with both hands and sighed with a faint smile. “I love having sex with my wife-I will never apologise for that!” He threw his head back and laughed.

“And is it enjoyable...?” Victor raised an eyebrow.


“Are you willing to go into detail...?” Victor moved closer to Jordan.

“Not!” Jordan cracked up again.

“Anyway..on a more serious note..Tell us how you feel about your father being released from prison? For medical reasons was it?”

“Well it’s not a secret that there’s no love lost between my sperm donor and I. So I’m indifferent to that bit of news.”

“Do you fear for your safety? For the safety of your family? Do you think he will be coming after you again?”

“I’d like to see him try.” His face was grim; there was not a flicker of a smile in it.

“Did your relationship with your father-or lack there of-influence the kind of parent you are today?”

“Yes. It most definitely did.” He admitted. “When I first held my sons in my arms...I had this urge to protect them..and right there and then, I made them a vow to them to be the best father I could possibly be..even if it kills me.”

“On a lighter note..we have a surprise guest for you..” Victor winked as he gave a signal. “Come on out Lana!”

The people clapped loudly and cheered again as Lana came onto the stage. She waved at the crowd before Jordan swept her in his arms and kissed her.

After the studio viewers had quieted down, Victor ushered them to sit. “I think we just witnessed the famous Carter kiss. Did you guys know there’s a kiss named after you?”

“Yes..It’s an honor.” Lana giggled.

“Lana Carter..don’t you look ravishing?” Victor licked his lips as he stared at her.

“Careful Vic..” Jordan warned as he put his arm protectively around her shoulder and Victor laughed.

“Welcome to the show.”

“Thank you for having me.” She smiled.

“I’ll be having you later..” Jordan teased as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear; and the guys in the crowd hooted.

“Oh my! That sounded like a promise?” Victor bounced his brows.

“He usually delivers..” Lana said with a lop-sided grin as she traced her finger down his chest and the audience went into a frenzy.

Victor cleared his throat and fanned himself with his hand. “Is it hot in here?? Or is it just me??”

“Oh it’s hot Vic..” Jordan winked as he put his hand on Lana’s knee.

“I wish I could be a fly on your bedroom wall.” Victor laughed.

“I think that’s the day they would invent sex toys for flies!” The crowd cracked up and Lana clutched her sides.


Edited: 19.09.2019

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