Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

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So yeah, I fainted

I didn't know whether I should tell anyone about the ring, cause I really wanted to keep it, and if I tell my parents they may want me to locate the owner. I didn't wanna be selfish but, I couldn't help myself, the ring felt so good to wear. And by the time it had gotten dark, I was wearing it even as I was reading the book.

Knock Knock

I turned my head to see my grandfather peeking in.

"You're still up?" he questioned surprised. "And still reading?"

"You got me hooked," I admitted with a smile. "I'm really liking it."

"Well I'm glad you are," he smiled. "And when you're done you can read the next book."

"You brought that too?" I remarked astonished, "How many books did you bring?"

"I brought my whole collection on Fantastopia" he smiled proudly, "It's all yours if you want it."

"You just love to spoil me don't you?" I grinned.

"Hey, I'd do anything for my favorite grandson. Don't tell your cousins that by the way."

I zipped my lips.

"Now don't stay up too late" he added, "Taking a break means being able to catch up on sleep too."

I nodded as he closed the door, though I wasn't tired at the moment. I wondered if he noticed the ring I was wearing. If he did, why didn't he say anything? I just shrugged it off and went back to reading, now we're at the good parts.


I didn't know how long it had been, but when I opened my eyes, my lamp had been turned off and the book was lying face down on my chest. I must have fallen asleep and someone must have turned off the light for me. I checked the time- 1:45 am. I must have been asleep for like an hour and a half, and I was pretty tired now. So I turned the lamp back on so I could mark my page and set the book down on the nightstand.

But before I could turn off the light, I suddenly heard a noise coming from downstairs, a noise that sounded like something had been knocked over and shattered. I then heard what sounded like whispers, two male whispers, and none of them I recognized. 

Shit, I swear to God if there are intruders in my house, I'm running the hell out, after I get my family of course... well, maybe expect Kendra.

I could still hear the whispers, but it was hard to detect what they were saying. But I had to find out what was going on, even if it sounded like an upcoming suicide. So after grabbing the baseball bat that I've had since I was 12 when I used to play baseball, I slowly opened my door and peeked out just as the whispers stopped. They must have heard me opening my door and now they're hiding, waiting to surprise me as I go down to investigate.

At this point, I thought I would close my door and hide, but something was telling me to go check it out, and that something was stupidity, and I was stupid enough to listen to it. So holding onto my bat, I crept down the hall and peered over the rail of the stairs, but it was so dark I could barely see anything. I reached my shaking hand over and found the light switch and turned on the light to the hall. And as I looked down again into the living room, I finally saw what was most likely the cause of the noise, my mom's vase had been knocked off the shelf, shattering on the floor. But who or what knocked it over?

First I assumed it was Kendra sleepwalking again, which happens every few months or so. But she was usually found snacking in the kitchen while sleeping, so if it was her, I would hear her eating, but I didn't, and now I was starting to get nervous. And as I slowly descend the stairs with my bat held up in case I had to strike, I was fearing the worse of what could happen. I might get jumped on by burglars, or even killed because I'm a witness.

And that's when my heart began to race like crazy when I heard something zoom behind me and felt a brush against my skin. I turned around expecting to see a masked man aiming a gun at me, but instead, I saw nothing. Goosebumps were coating my skin and my hands were already aching from gripping the bat too hard that my knuckles turned white. I kept feeling like I was being watched, it felt like something or someone was creeping up behind me, ready to make a big surprise.


I jerked around with my bat still raised and saw something I've never seen before that made my jaw drop. Next to another broken vase stood some kind of little creature with pickle green skin, long pointed ears that peeked out from its old ragged hat that was paired with its ragged clothes. I had no idea what the hell it was, and I was too frozen in shock to even gasp.

"Uh- sorry," it suddenly spoke with a guilty smile while mentioning the broken vase.

Holy shit it spoke to me! I tried to scream but I was so paralyzed to let it out as I backed away from the strange intruder and into something big and strong.

"Sorry," a deep voice spoke that sent chills down my spine.

I didn't want to turn around, fearing what I would see. But my body betrayed me by turning around and I found myself face to face with a large, muscular monster who stared at me with it's piercing black eyes, pointed ears, and a large forehead.

I was completely freaking out by now, there are two creatures in my house at this moment, and they haven't even killed me yet. I haven't even let go of my bat as I began to back away from the things. I was trying so hard to let my scream out, but the only things that came out through my wide mouth were heavy breathing that was making my heart want to jump out from my chest and run out the window.


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