Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

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A not so little story

As soon as morning came, I was still convinced that meeting the ogre and the hobgoblin was just a dream. But when I saw my things still knocked over, I was disappointed yet somewhat intrigued. Ogres and hobgoblins are real, it wasn’t a figment of my imagination, it’s been bunked. But that reminds me, I needed to talk to my grandfather, cause he’s got a lot of explaining to do.

So after getting up, I headed downstairs where I noticed that the two broken vases those creatures broke last night were suddenly fixed and placed back on the shelves as if they were never shattered, how did they even do that? Never mind, so they decided to clean up the vases and not my room, nice.

“Morning honey” my mother greeted me with a smile as she set the table with some bacon, oh yeah!

“Hey Jesse, were you downstairs last night?” my dad suddenly asked.

Oh shit, he must have heard them last night. Quick, think of an excuse.

“Um, what?” I replied.

That will do.

“Last night I heard what sounded like footsteps in the living room, but when I checked it out it was empty.”

Phew! It was a good thing those creatures weren’t there for him to see, that would have gone bad.

“It was probably Kendra” I offered, knowing that would convince him “You know she sleepwalks sometimes.”

“Yeah, but I don’t remember dreaming about going downstairs” Kendra put in. “In fact, I don’t remember dreaming at all last night.”

I just shrugged it off while taking a seat next to my grandfather, hoping no one would mention it again.

“Hey grandpa” I whispered to him, hoping no one was paying attention “Can I talk to you after breakfast?”

“Certainly” he replied as he took a sip of his coffee “And I bet I know what it’s about.”

Oh, I hope you do. So as soon as we were done eating, we headed upstairs to my room and shut the door.

“Does this have to do with the ring you found?” my grandfather smirked.

“So you do know about it” I gasped as I pulled out the ring from my nightstand “This ring, you found this ring when you were about my age right?”

“Actually I was about 19 when I found it” he corrected “But I do remember that day, I was cleaning my room and I found it in the wall behind my bed.”

“Just like in the story” I put in when my eyes widen with a thought that nearly blew my mind “Wait, the character Lawrence, your middle name is Lawrence.”

Whoa, wait a minute, could it be true?

“You wrote the book based on your experiences, didn’t you? That hobgoblin told me that you were their hero back then.”

“Hobgoblin eh?” he raised an eyebrow “You met Lindel and Oswind last night?”

“You know them?”

“They were young when I first met them, in fact, it was Lindel’s grandfather who introduced me to Fantastopia. I even remember the day I first met him, it was the same day I found the ring, and I kicked him in his crotch.”

“Wow” I chuckled “I just fainted.”

“So that was the thump I heard last night” he concluded, “I just thought another ogre fell on a banana peel like last time.”

Wait he was awake this whole time? And he didn’t even bother to help me? Wow, thanks, gramps.

“So uh, this whole chosen hero thing-” I continued “You were really the hero of Fantastopia?”

“Indeed I was” he breathed in a smile while taking a seat on my bed “It was hard work but, I enjoyed it. It’s also where I got all of my scars, like this one.”

He pulled up his shirt sleeve to reveal a deep scar on his right shoulder.

“What really?!” I gasped astonished “You told me you got that when you were young and you fell off your motorcycle.”

“Nope” he replied while putting his sleeve down “It actually came from a sword.”

I cringed, I couldn’t stand the sound of skin being sliced, it makes my skin crawl.

“It was actually my final battle,” he added, “I was fighting this bad guy on the roof of a castle, I was so exhausted and in a lot of pain, he tried to stab me but I moved out of the way and he ended up slicing my shoulder.”

Okay then, I really didn’t wanna talk about skin slicing anymore as I changed the subject to something I really wanted to know.

“But uh, now there’s something I really need to know- did you really fall in love with the elven princess Luna?”

At that point, he gave a sigh “I did.”


“But things happen.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“First of all, because I had a life in the real world and she had hers in Fantastopia, we couldn’t be together. We were from different worlds, and we couldn’t abandon them. I had a family and she had a family, and family always comes first. And second of all, a couple of months after my final battle, she passed away.”

Oh no.

“Pneumonia,” he continued with a sad look “You know I didn’t think there’d be anything wrong with her because she was such a fit girl, but it was true. Doctors did everything they could but, back then they didn’t have the proper treatment for viruses like that.”

Oh damn, I can see the sadness in his eyes. That must suck, losing someone he was in love with. But that got me thinking, what about his wife?


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