Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

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I might as well be the Jester

As I waited for the strike to be thrust down on me as I shut my eyes, I suddenly heard a loud roar as I opened my eyes and saw something awesome. Oswind jumped out of nowhere and stormed towards the trolls and using his strengths to knock them away from me and slamming into the trees with a loud bash. Now free from their grips, I hurried to the side and watched as Oswind used his giant arms to fight against the trolls.

I can’t believe this, I was getting my ass saved by an ogre. Sweet!

And this fight scene was pretty epic, one ogre against multiple trolls, and the trolls were already losing. They tried jumping on Oswind and using their weapons against him, but it appeared to have no effect on the ogre who used all of his strength to pull the trolls off him as he slammed two of troll’s heads together.


All of a sudden, as they were fighting, a bright light suddenly flashed against my eyes as I used my arms to shield from it. And while doing so I could hear the sounds of the trolls screaming in terror, and then silence. When I pulled my arms away, the trolls were suddenly turned to stone as Lindel stood among with a sun gold crystal in his hand that appeared to be glowing. Whatever that crystal was, it seemed to have the same effect as the sun because from what I know about trolls, sunlight turns them to stone.

“So you decided to come here after all eh?” the hobgoblin said to me.

Seriously? I was nearly killed by trolls and that’s the first thing you say?

“I’m fine thanks for asking” I snapped, “And no, it wasn’t my decision to come here, I came here by accident.”

“Let me guess, the ring got dirty and you had to rub it, thus causing you to get transported here?”

“Um, yes actually” I nodded a bit astonished that he guessed right.

“I’m not surprised,” he snickered, “It happens a lot.”

“Yeah well I’m about to use it to go back” I declared while holding my hand up.

After almost being killed by trolls, I’m already through with this place.

“Whoa hold on there” Lindel spoke up while putting the crystal away in his pocket “Just because trolls nearly tried to eat doesn’t mean you should leave now.”

“Uh, I think it’s the proper way to deal with danger” I stated in an apparent tone “Get away from it as soon as you can.”

“But don’t leave now, we were actually expecting you.”

“Oh, I’m sure you were” I rolled my eyes “Next you’re gonna say that it’s time to begin my training. Well, no thank you.”

“That wasn’t what I was going to say” Lindel replied with a slight frown “The King of Fantastopia would like to see you.”

What the? King?!

“The King?!” I gasped, “He wants to see me?”

“We told him that you were the new owner of the ring, and he was very excited after hearing it, and he would like to meet you.”

Holy shit, a king wants to see me, I’ve never even gotten close to the president before. Perhaps going home could wait later. Now with some bodyguards to lead me through the land, we soon came upon this massive beautiful castle that rested upon a meadow surrounded by a moat. Now, this castle looked like something that came out from the ‘Lords of Rings’ or something like that, it was frickin beautiful that I don’t even know how to explain it.

The best way I can describe it is by saying that it was really tall, almost as high as the Statue of Liberty, perhaps it was even taller. It was designed in a unique way that you wouldn’t see in the real world, kind of like swirls and twists, how do they even manage to get it that way? It was also a white color with other pale colors here and there, some of the surrounding trees and moss had covered parts of the structure. And after we crossed the drawbridge, we came up to the front entrance where I saw some elf guards standing tall and still with their spears in their hands.

But as we got closer, the guards gave me this suspicious look as they gripped their spears tightly. I was beginning to fear that they would question me since I was most likely the only human in this land and that I wasn’t dressed like an elf. But when Lindel held my wrist up to show them the ring, they nodded as they pushed open the massive doors. Now I’m gonna have to remind myself to keep the ring on, because it may draw less suspicion, I hope.

Now, the outside of the castle may have been so beautiful to stare at that your eyes hurt just by looking at it, but inside was a whole new level. Where do I even begin to explain? I guess I’ll start with how high the ceiling was and the chandeliers that hung from it. The tile floor was designed with some kind of royalty look and a purple runway that led to the thrones. There were paintings hung on the wall, artifacts placed here and there, really strange but cool looking flowers bloomed in the vases. And just like outside, tree branches and trunks formed around the room. That makes me wonder what will happen if those branches keep growing.

First time I’ve ever been inside a castle, and I’m already liking it.

And as I looked ahead at the two thrones, I noticed that one was bigger than the other and was placed in the center. And sitting in the bigger throne was a broad man with gray strands in his blond hair and a really nice looking goatee. He was dressed in royal clothing and a golden crown on his head that looked like vines. And once we walked up to him, he stared at me as I stared back, I was actually staring at a king right now, an elf king, I could barely move. That is until Lindel motioned me to bow so I did.


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