Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

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I just got the willies

In order to get to Aria’s enchantress friend’s lair, we had to climb up a bunch of stairs of the castle that was already making me exhausted, and yet Aria didn’t seem to complain as she just climbed up the stairs like it was no big deal, at times like these I wished I was an elf. I don’t know how many stories we had to climb, but as soon as we came to a stop, I had to sit on the floor with my back leaning against the wall so I could catch my breath.

Damn these stairs.

“You okay?” Aria asked me.

“I’m fine,” I puffed, “I just need to catch my breath, I’ve never climbed so many stairs before.”

“Um, we’ve only climbed four stories.”

What? Only four stories?! Why did the hell did it feel longer than that?!

“Must be because of the spirals,” I muttered, “Why did you guys make them so long?”

“How should I know?” she shrugged, “I didn’t build this palace. Come on.”

She held her hand out for me to take, at a moment like this, I didn’t feel myself redden when I took her strong hand, I was too busy trying to put my mind together on how those spiral stairs felt like an eternity. But my thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Aria yanked me up on my feet with one hand, almost as if I weighed nothing to her.

“Wow,” I breathed astonished, “You’re pretty strong aren’t you?”

“I call this my bow arm,” she pointed to her right arm, “I’m right-handed so I use this arm to pull back my bowstring, it’s a good workout for your arms.”

“I can tell.”

“This way.”

I followed her to this door where she gave it a knock.

“Wren!” she called, “Are you in there?!”

There was no answer, but that didn’t stop Aria from opening the door and peeking in.

“Huh, she’s not here,” she stated, “That’s alright, we can just wait for her.”

She stepped inside the room as I followed her in, and right there, I felt like I was in a haunted house. This room was more like a witch lair, it had everything from a cauldron, potion bottles, candles, and charms. Though I didn’t see a broom, do enchantresses fly brooms? Overall, this place was really giving me the creeps, I felt like a was being watched. And wouldn’t you know it, there was a jar on the shelf filled with eyeballs staring at me, that’s not creepy at all.

“I know it’s creepy in here,” Aria spoke while leaning looking out the window with purple curtains tied to the sides “But we’ve all gotten used to it.”

“So is your friend technically a witch?” I asked while examining a bottle near the cauldron that looked a lot like fresh blood.

“She’s an enchantress,” she corrected.

“Aren’t they the same thing? Except that enchantresses lure men to their beds before taking their blood?”

Holy shit, was this bottle filled with the blood of her latest victim?

“No” Aria giggled, oh thank goodness “The difference is that enchantresses are born with their magic, while witches have to earn them. Although enchantresses can be pretty seductive, my friend doesn’t have time for that, she’s what you can call- a workaholic.”

Kind of like me when I’m motivated. Now I couldn’t stop staring at the bottle of blood, what was it for? What kind was it? Is it even blood?

“Can I help you?” I jumped in fright at the sudden question and appearance of who I assumed was the enchantress.

She just popped out of nowhere on the other side of the cauldron, scaring the hell out of me.

“Jeez!” I breathed while clutching my chest and feeling my heart race “You scared me!”

“Well I am naturally terrifying” she stated with a smirk.

I’ll say. If she does that to me again I may actually piss my pants, cause once again I’m pretty jumpy.

“Jesse” Aria walked up to my side with a smile on her face “Meet my enchantress friend, Wren.”

Damn, Wren was really sending me chills through my body. I couldn’t tell how old she was due to the heavy makeup she was wearing, she had a young face but her eye makeup made her look older. She wore a dark blue and purple medieval gown with a black lace cape draping behind her. Her eye makeup consisted of mostly black and blue with heavy eyeliner that smudged a bit. Her ebony hair was loosely crimped with one side pulled back by a hairpin, and her nails had been painted black along with a silver bracelet with a feather charm.

If she went to my college, she would most likely be known as the goth outcast, just saying.

“And Wren-” Aria continued “This is Jesse, the-”

“The new master of the ring” Wren finished “I know, he’s wearing the ring.”

Oh, for a second I thought she was psychic, is she?

“So your grandfather was the great hero of Fantastopia, huh?” she smirked at me with her dark eyes “You’ve got his eyes.”

I smiled, at least she seemed nice at the moment. Except that my eyes are green, not blue like my grandfather's. My eyes are a light green color and are often mistaken for being a light blue so I can see why she would think that. But I didn't correct her cause I was too nervous to say anything.

“So do I” she added, “I also got my grandmother’s.”

She pointed to the jar of eyeballs “I keep them safe along with others, some of them I don’t even know.”


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