Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

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Epic fighting skills

The first person who’s fighting skills I had to observe was Aria, and as I stood to the side with everyone else, I watched as she entered the arena from another room with a bow in her hand and a quiver on her back that held a bunch of arrows. Now, this is gonna be interesting, watching a beautiful elven princess show her fighting skills, I can’t wait.

“I like your bow and arrows” I commented, “Did you make them yourself?”

“Not the bow,” she replied, “But I do make my arrows whenever I can.”

She then pulled out one of the arrows and held it towards me as I took it. It appeared to made out of some kind of wood, the arrowhead was slim and made of silver as she told me, and I couldn’t tell what kind of feathers were at the end, but this arrow sure did look cool.

“I shot my first arrow when I was 12,” she told, “Although I missed my target and ended up shooting a duck, which was fine, at least I was able to catch dinner.”

I snickered as I handed her back the arrow.

“Archery takes a lot of practice and strength” she informed, “You have to be really strong when you pull back your arrow and aim, especially if you’re holding your aim for a while.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed that in movies” I put in “I remember watching these people in movies with thin arms, and they could hold back the bowstring for a long time without getting tired.”

“Typical Hollywood,” she scoffed “Have you also noticed that some of them don’t wear arm guards?”


“These things,” she held up her left arm that had on a brown leather strap around her forearm and her palm like a fingerless glove “Also called arm bracers, it’s really important for archers to wear these. Some wear them on both arms, but they mainly need it on their non-dominant arm. Because after they shoot their arrow, the bowstring can snap back and whip your arm, and boy does it hurt.”

“Yeesh,” I cringed, “I can imagine.”

At that point, she set her bow to the side of a barrel so she could take off her bracer and show me her forearm where there was a long red mark.

“Oh shit,” I breathed in shock.

“This is what happens when archers don’t wear a bracer,” she reported, “This actually happened last week when I stupidly forgot my bracer, and it’s still red.”

“Damn,” I gasped as she slid her bracer back on.

“You’re gonna have to learn archery soon, so don’t forget your bracer.”

“So um, I seriously have to learn how to use every weapon?”

“Just whenever you have the time to do so. But it can really come in handy someday.”

After that, Aria picked up her bow and made her way to the center of the arena where there was a target across from her on the other side of the field.

“Watch and observe,” she reminded me as she pulled out an arrow from her quiver, placed it near her bow and drew it back with the bowstring.

Since I could tell she’s been doing archery for years, she didn’t appear to tire out as she held the arrow and bowstring back while focusing on her aim at the target, and I mean her arms weren’t even shaking. Before I knew it, she released the arrow as it zoomed straight at the target and right into the center.


“Wow,” I chuckled amusedly “That was good.”

“Oh please,” Hazel tittered “To her, that’s child’s play. Watch this.”

She went over to an area on the wall where I didn’t notice that there were some levers sticking out. She then pulled down one of them when loud thumps echoed around the arena when I spotted more targets appearing around certain places from above. And just like that, Aria began firing her arrows at every target and right into the center of each one just like that, I think it took her less than 10 seconds to hit every target.

“Wow,” my eyes widen as I stood there “I am both aroused and scared.”

Aria let out a small giggle “I told you elves have a very good sense of sight.”

I continued to stand there amazed by her archery skills when she headed back over to us and set down her bow against a barrel.

“So you’ve seen my weapon for range combat,” she told me “But now let me show you my weapon for close combat.”

She held her hand out towards Hazel who handed her a machete with a wooden handle that was curved at the end.

“I started off with sword fighting before I began archery,” she narrated, “I think everyone starts off with sword fighting before anything else cause it’s the most popular form of attack. Any kind of bladed weapon can be used in this kind of combat, it’s usually a sword, but I chose a machete.”

She handed me her machete as I stared at it with amusement before taking the weapon, which turned out to be surprisingly light.

“It’s light,” I remarked amusedly.

“And yet I can chop off someone’s limbs with it” she smirked.

Yeesh, don’t think about that. I continued to admire the weapon when I spotted something that caught my eye. On the wooden handle, there was a letter A carved into it with a crown on top.

“Did you carve this?” I asked her.

“I did,” she nodded as I handed the weapon back to her “So I can make sure it’s mine, plus I added the crown to let everyone know it belongs to a princess.”


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