Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

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Damn this pixie!

When we got to Dale’s farm, I was surprised to see how many animals this guy had. I saw cows, chickens, ducks, pigs, horses, basic farm animals. Does he live alone? Cause I’m not seeing anyone else here.

“So, this is your farm, huh?” I asked him.

“Yep,” he nodded, “This is my home.”

“It’s pretty quiet here, not even the animals are making much noise.”

“They actually do that when they know something’s wrong, like the missing foal.”

“Okay then,” Aria spoke, “Where should we start?”

“Tracks lead into the woods,” Dale pointed, “I think if we split up we can find him faster.”

“Is there anything we can do that could help find him?” I asked, “Like a favorite snack.”

“Well, he loves apples, but unfortunately, I’m all out.”

“Why don’t we just call him out?” Aria suggested, “What’s his name?”

“Um...” Dale bit his lip “He doesn’t actually have a name yet.”


“I haven’t thought of one yet, sometimes it’s hard to name my farm animals.”

“Well,” Aria exhaled, “This just got harder.”

“Okay, you know what?” I offered, “Let’s just go and look for him, we’re already wasting time talking here.”

“He’s right,” Aria agreed, “Let’s just go and look for this foal. Dale, what color is he?”


“Alright, that’s enough to know. Come on.”

Damn, I had no idea who we were gonna find this foal. I just hope that we don’t find it dead, can you imagine how sad that would be?

“Okay,” Aria said the moment we were in the woods “The tracks seem to fade out right here. Dale, you go this way, I’ll go this way, and Jesse, you go that way. If one of us finds the foal, dead or alive, I suggest we give out a signal call.”

“Um, what about ‘Hey! I found the foal!’” I offered.

Like really, why do we even need a signal call?

“Well, we don’t want to attract any danger” Aria explained with a frown.

“Well then, how about this? If we find the foal alive, then we’ll try to find you guys?”

“Fine,” she sighed, “But try not to shout so much.”

As soon as we all split up and went in different directions, I tried to look for more tracks that could lead me to the foal, but there was no luck, all I saw were random animals tracks and no horse tracks. I even tried to keep my ears opened, but all I heard were insects and birds. Man, this is hard, how am I supposed to find a baby horse that doesn’t even have a name?! Seriously Dale, you need to keep better track of your animals.

But as I tried to find the foal, I also had my senses alert for any danger. Aria said I shouldn’t shout, but I swear that if I do happen to run into danger, I’m gonna do a lot more than scream. Every once in awhile, I would take glances at my ring to see if it was glowing or not. Thankfully, it wasn’t glowing yet, but it sure was dirty. How did it get dirty so quickly?

I took off the ring and began to wipe off the dirt around the gem while being careful not to rub the gemstone. However, because I’m such a clumsy person, the ring suddenly slipped out of my fingers and onto the ground near a bush.


But when I bent down to pick it up, something tiny suddenly jumped out from the bush and snatched my ring and dashed to the side. It happened so quickly that I jumped back in fright when I turned to see that it was a little fern green person like creature. It was about the size of a mouse and it was wearing flower petals as clothing. I thought it was a fairy at first, but when I saw that it didn’t have any wings, it realized that it was a pixie instead, and it was carrying my ring.

“Hey!” I shouted just as it ran off “Give that back!”

I was able to keep an eye on this little creature as I dashed after it, but it sure was fast. So matter how many times I tried to grab it, it was always one step ahead of me.

“Drop that you little thief!”

I swear if that pixie loses that ring, I’m gonna be in so much trouble.


Aria never realized that searching for a baby horse would be so hard. There were no tracks, no sounds, nothing that could help her find it.

“Damn,” she breathed while rubbing her forehead “If either of you guys found it, please let me know so I can go home.”

“I found him.”

She nearly jumped out of her skin as she clutched her chest while turning around to see Dale who had the gray foal by his side.

“You did,” she breathed as she began to calm down “Thank goodness.”

“I found him drinking from a pond.” he explained while stroking the foal’s hair “He looks fine to me.”

“That’s good, let’s find Jesse so we can take the foal back.”

He nodded as she began to call out Jesse’s name.


They waited, but there was no response.


Again there was no response.

“That’s odd,” Dale remarked confused, “He should’ve heard you. Well, unless he’s gone off too far.”

“That can’t be it, he shouldn’t be that far.”


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