Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

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From bad to awkward

The moment Aria and Dale entered the misty woods, they began to search for their friend who was nowhere to be seen.

“Jesse!” Aria called out, but there was no response “Oh man, how are we gonna find him now?”

All of a sudden, they heard the sound of Jesse’s loud shriek which caught their attention.

“I suggest we follow the sound of his terrified shrieks” Dale pointed out.


One minute I was chasing after a pixie that stole my ring, and the next I’m getting chased by this scary monster creature who trying to kill me with his big ass of a sword that was stained with blood. What was I thinking? Taking off my ring to clean it even though I have slippery fingers, especially in the woods! And now I have a killer monster after me as I did my best to dodge all of his swings from his bloodied sword.

To make matters worse, I didn’t have any weapons on me, not even my pocket knife which I stupidly left in my backpack. Besides, even if I did have it with me it wouldn’t do anything against this beast. So I was weaponless, I was lost, and I was already getting tired running from this monster, so I knew that I was most likely gonna get killed. And when I suddenly fell forward and turned around to see the monster lifting his sword above me, I knew that it was coming for me.

But right before he could strike me, I suddenly heard something hitting against the beast as his body jerked up. And when he began to fall forward, I quickly rolled out of the way as the monster collapsed to the ground where I saw a hatchet had been thrust down into the back of his head that made my heart jump a bit. When I turned my head, I was relieved to see Aria and Dale who both had worried looks on their faces. And seeing how Dale was in front of Aria, I was assuming that he was the one who threw the hatchet, nice job, Dale.

“Are you alright?” Aria asked worriedly.

“I’m fine.” I assured as I got myself up and let out a deep breath “Thanks.”

“What were you thinking going off like that?” she demanded.

“It wasn’t my fault,” I explained, “This little pixie stole my ring and I chased after it and it led me into here.”

“Ugh, Pixies” Dale spat, “I never liked those little people.”

“How did a pixie steal your ring?” Aria asked puzzled “It couldn’t have taken it off of you.”

“Yeah um...” I muttered a bit embarrassingly “I made the wrong choice of taking my ring off to clean in when I dropped it.”

“Oh man,” she groaned.

“I’m sorry.” I regretted “I can be a bit of a clean freak sometimes.”

“Well, you’re lucky that Dale found his foal in time, otherwise we wouldn't have found out you were missing.”

“Oh, he found the foal?” I remarked surprised “That’s good.”

“Yep,” Dale responded while pulling the hatchet out of the monster’s head “And I suggest we get out of here before more orcs come.”

“Wait,” my eyes widen as I looked down at the monster’s body “That was an orc?!”

“Why do you sound so surprised?”

“I thought orcs were just a Tolkien thing.”

“Nope,” Aria shook her head “They’re real here too.”

“But-” I gasped, “I thought orcs were the same thing as ogres.”

“Yeah, a lot of people think that. I can explain it to you on the way cause we really need to get out of these woods.”

We were able to find out way out of the misty woods and back into the more enchanted woods as we began to head back to Dale’s farm.

“So, ogres and orcs may appear similar” she began to explain “In fact, I think they might be distantly related. But orcs are more related to goblins, hence making them dangerous creatures, just like the ones created by Tolkien. And even though ogres and orcs are both deadly, some ogres can be trusted, like Oswind, but all orcs can’t be trusted.”

“I see.” I stated, “So, how did Oswind get to be trusted? And how come he doesn’t appear dangerous?”

“I’m not exactly sure how he got to be trusted. He’s been around the palace for a long time, even before I was born. Apparently, his whole family was friends with the Royals. But I bet if you ask him nicely he could tell you his backstory. Although he doesn’t seem to talk about his past much.”

“In my opinion,” Dale spoke up “I don’t think it matters how he got to be trusted, I like him, it’s great to have him around, especially when you need someone to lift something heavy for you.”

I chuckled, “And I thought elves were stronger than humans.”

“Oh, we are” he nodded, “But we can’t always carry everything.”

“Well uh, what about Lindel?” I put in, “How did he get to be a part of the royal palace?”

“Actually,” Aria smiled, “Hobgoblins have been around the royal palace since the very beginning. As you probably know, hobgoblins are the safer versions of goblins. And from what I know, they’ve been helping out at the palace for as long as they’ve lived.”

“Wow,” I remarked astonishingly “Are there any other mythical creatures who help out as the castle?”

“Oh, there’s plenty. I would name them all, but I might lose count.”


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