Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

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Interviewing some Dark Elves

So... things just took a strange turn in this case. Zed was born a dark elf? And if Dark Elves live underground, then what was he doing up here?

“So, what do you guys know about Dark Elves?” I asked them “You say that they’re really dangerous?”

“They are,” Hazel nodded “They’re not afraid to kill anyone who gets in their way. But most of all, they really don’t like humans.”

Oh... crap. My ring just turned orange and all of the hairs on my back and arms just stood up.

“You say they live underground?” I questioned while trying to stay calm.

“Yes,” Aria nodded “But they can come out up here if they want.”

“So how will I know if an elf is a light one or a dark one without having to check out their strange birthmark?”

“My guess is that your ring will tell you. And if you ever do come across a dark elf, you better make sure you’re wearing that clover charm.”

I had almost forgotten about that. Thankfully, I had it around my neck so I hadn’t lost it.

“So, what’s a dark elf doing up here?” I asked while glancing at the body “Wouldn’t you guys have noticed there was a dark elf in the palace?”

“We would have” Aria admitted “But apparently, Dark Elves are known to live up here with us if they want. Lately, a lot of the Dark Elves have been escaping their underground homes to come to live up here and join us.”

“What?” I tilted my head.

“I know, it’s weird but, I guess some of them aren’t always born to be dark. Usually, if we spot a dark elf up here, our elf powers can immediately tell that they’re not one of us. But we think that when a dark elf decides to join us up here, our elf powers don’t work on them.”

“Explain elf powers.”

“Remember when you asked me if I could read your mind because I always seem to know what you’re thinking?”


“Well, we actually are telepathic.”

“So you can read minds?” I gasped.

“No,” she shook her head with a giggle “We can’t exactly read minds, but we can always tell what someone is thinking by their body language and facial features. I mean, humans can too, but you can say we’re much better at it. Besides, all elves are born with that ability so they can already master it at a young age.”

“Wow,” I remarked impressed “So can you tell what I’m thinking right now?”

“Hm...” she began to study me while tapping her chin “Right now you’re thinking about testing my elf abilities. And even though I would like to show you them, we should really get back to focusing on the body.”

My eyes widen, she was actually correct. A bit scary, but cool.

“You’re right,” I pointed as we turned back to Zed’s body “So, we can conclude that Zed was born a dark elf but left his home to join the elves up here.”

“And that would mean his brother and niece are also Dark Elves” Dale put in.

“Have they already been contacted?” I asked.

“Yes,” the elf officer spoke, “They should be here soon.”

“Excellent. In the meantime, what did you and the other... what are you guys called here? Officers? Police elves?”

“You can call us Rangers.”

“Rangers” I echoed “That sounds much better. So what did you and the other rangers find on the body?”

“Everything we found is put on this table” he showed us the long table behind him as we followed him to it “His clothes are right here along with any contents we could find on him.”

Next to the bloody clothes were some glass test plates containing the contents found on the body, and there wasn’t much.

“Check it out” Hazel suddenly spoke while picking a test plate “Some more hay pieces.”

“So he was definitely in a barn” Aria concluded, “Or near one at least. I suggest we search the palace barn for any more clues. And perhaps Dale’s farm too since it’s the closest one to the palace.”

“Oh great,” Dale grunted, “If I find signs of murder on my farm, now everyone will really think I did it.”

“Relax, Dale” Aria assured “Everyone knows you’re right-handed. You’re fine.”

“For now” he frowned.

Hazel then picked up another of the test plates and held it up.

“Got some soil” she observed, “Most likely from the garden here.”

“And...” I picked up the last test plate “Some flower petals.”

“Let me see that” Aria ordered as I showed her the petals, “I think these are poppy petals, we do have them in the garden.”

“So, all of these contents here don’t really help much besides for the hay” Dale stated, “The soil and petals prove he was in the garden today because, well, he’s a gardener, but what about the hay?”

“You tell me, Dale” Aria replied, “You work on the farm here, have you ever seen him around the farm before?”

“If I did, I would’ve said something. Although, we can ask the other farmers if they’ve seen him.”

“Good idea. In the meantime-” she turned to the elf ranger “You better get started on the autopsy. Let us know right away when you have the results.”


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