For A Risk Of Darkness

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Chapter 7

The next couple of weeks was quite the show. Hades showed up at my nature shoots. He gave a lot of attention and steaks to Cerberus. I even received a dead tree from him. He took me to his favourite place – the graveyard, that did not go too well as he wanted to show that he is a good guy, he brought a man back from the dead and he was a man no more but more like the undead. Cerberus ran for cover behind a tombstone and I just ran away, he did apologize and said it was his first time doing that and was not sure if it would work or not.

Now he knows.


Hades is not what I expected at all the god of the underworld to be. Not only is he handsome but he has this way about him and that crooked side smile of his sure knows how to warm my heart.

Cerberus is growing up or just not staying a puppy anymore, he clearly misses Hades when he is not around but he still doesn’t want to back with him. I am starting to like Hades more than I should.

I invited him for dinner a few times now and learned that he loves my pasta and also red wine, think he also learned that as he doesn’t need to eat or drink. What am I doing…


Last night our hands touched, we were walking Cerberus in the park and we both bend down to pluck a single Tulip. There were blue flame sparks coming from his hand and out of nowhere everything starts to grow in a second what would usually take three weeks… It was wild but also calming and nice, it felt like home.

N.J. Harlow

Edited: 29.11.2019

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