For A Risk Of Darkness

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Chapter 9 - Cerberus

I am clearly a genius. My plan is working. He doesn’t know but I heard what the oracles told him and I decided to speed it along. My master was alone and cast aside far too long and it is time he deserves happiness. I miss my master and my home and my snacks but it won’t be long now, I can see they are falling for each other, sure they are trying to hide it and it is different for them.

Goddess of Spring and god of the underworld is an unlikely pair but they work and soon I will be able to return to my piece of heaven, I am growing and soon my other heads will start to show, I can’t stay out of the underworld for too long, especially not in this form.


As I sit here watching them over diner, I can see it as clearly as the daylight. I am always here but always out of their way, just here observing.

Now just for the final piece, how to show them that they are made for each other?

I might have an idea, it worked in the movie I watched with all those spotted dogs…

Tomorrow night they will be taking me for our walk in the park again, I will just insist on walking around dusk and with my lease on.

Now I just need to wait and eat some more food, a growing dog needs his protein.

N.J. Harlow

Edited: 29.11.2019

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