For A Risk Of Darkness

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Chapter 10

“This is so strange; he never does this” I explained to Hades as Cerberus is sitting here in front of us with his lease in his mouth.

“Yeah I know” he smiles at me as he gets up.

I put the lease on Cerberus and we walk towards the door for our usual walk, usually at night but dusk is just as good.

It is a beautiful sunset, the sky is alight with different reds, yellow, orange, violet and pink.

We take the quiet path through the park, trees enclose the path on both sides with wild flowers everywhere. Hades is walking close next to me, I can feel the heat from his body, hellfire, the first thought that crossed my mind and I start to laugh.

“Want to share what is so amusing?” his lips are starting to stretch into his shy side smile.

As I try to explain to him, neither was paying attention to Cerberus in front of us, looking at us.

N.J. Harlow

Edited: 29.11.2019

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