For A Risk Of Darkness

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Chapter 16

It has been two days and Hades have not mentioned me going to the underworld with him. Maybe I have just been imagining it all but I know I haven’t but I can’t just spit it out.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Guess I have been showing my confusion on my face again.

“No it is nothing, just going to miss Cerberus” oh no! My eyes are getting wet again.

“You are always welcome to come and visit”

“Visit?” Guess he uninvited me to stay. This is not what happens in the books I read.

“Yes, you will always be welcome down there”

“Thanks” I grad my cup of coffee and turn away before he can see the tear rolling down my cheek.

Cerberus is sitting in front of me with his big sad puppy eyes and that just opens the flood gates. Hades is next to me in a heartbeat and is holding mine his arms and walking me towards the couch.

“What is the matter?”

“I’m going to miss him” And you. I don’t want you to go

“You can always come and visit, just eat a pomegranate and we will send someone to come and get you.”

I want to go with you but I did not say that, I just sat there, crying with his arms around me and a paw on my knee.

N.J. Harlow

Edited: 29.11.2019

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