Gerig and the Kingdom of Dwarfs

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9. A Dire Message Delivered

     After speaking with Taran, Gerig immediately walked over to the chief's house to speak with him. After explaining the situation to the chief, Gerig then took the time to tell him that it was in his and the city's best interests if Dukard wasn't able to successfully invade Gosland. Upon hearing this, Gerig was the first grump to ever get permission to leave the city so that he could deliver the message to Sirus of Gosland.

     The dwarfs stripped the knight of his armor, and took it to the blacksmiths. It took all twelve of the city's blacksmiths only five hours to peel every emblem of Dukard's army off the armor and to fit it to Gerig's size. The local calligrapher took the letter and resealed it, taking care of the royal seal and making sure it was not smudged. With the letter resealed and ready to be delivered, Gerig put the suit of armor on and decided it was time to ride.

     Gerig walked over to Marrec and the other dwarfs. "I will return. I give you my word."

     "We know." Marrec replied as he looked at big grump in the gigantic suit of armor. "I told ya you'd make a good knight, lad."

     Gerig smiled at the comment before he put the helmet on and mounted the horse. Everyone in town collectively waved goodbye, which was a touching site for Gerig to see as it was a far cry from the reception he got when he first arrived with Marrec a while back. He kicked the sides of the horse and the steed bolted off away from the city and into the cave. A few seconds later, Gerig and the horse were back in the woods and on their way. It took Gerig over a week to travel from his village which was in on the outskirts of Gosland's territory to Marrec's home, but that was by foot. With the horse doing all the work, it took Gerig less than two days to make it back to the town he had left behind. Once in town, Gerig never stopped to say a word as he zipped right past the villagers as they watched in awe as the armor shone in the sunlight as he barrelled off to the massive castle that stood behind the cluster of villages. When Gerig reached the castle, the draw-bridge was up as he forced his steed to stop just short of the moat.

     "Open the gates!" Gerig barked at the castle with authority. 

     "Who goes there?" a voice called out from the castle.

     "I bring an urgent message for Sirus of Gosland. I demand to be let in immediately!" Gerig snapped back, trying his best to play the part of a strong and mighty knight. He paused for a few moments and then impatiently reached into his chest plate and produced the letter, "I carry the seal of the Ulath Hortassco, open the bloody gates so that I can deliver it!"

     Upon speaking the name of Ulath and since there was only a single rider outside, the castle doors began to open and the bridge was dropped. Gerig rode into the castle and immediately dismounted. He turned to one of the guards at the gate. "I need to speak with your King and it is urgent that I give him this right now!"

     The guards stood aside as another knight approached. He took the letter away from Gerig for a moment and handed it to someone beside him. The person looked at it for a moment. "The seal is authentic."

     Upon hearing that, the Knight handed the letter back to Gerig. "Escort this Knight to the throne room." he barked at the guards. 

     Gerig followed the guards up a flight of stairs and around a few corners until they reached a rather large door. They were closed, but Gerig really didn't have time for formalities. With one thunderous kick, he opened the doors and marched right into the throne room. Sirus' guards stood up in shock as they watched as Gerig stormed into the room.

     "Sir Knight." Sirus snarled, "You had better explain your uninvited interruption of my court."

     Gerig paused for a moment and took a deep breathe as walked up to the foot of the throne and knelt to show his respect to the King. "My Lord, I bring an urgent message from Ulath Hortassco."

     One of Sirus' guards walked over and took the letter away from Gerig and handed it to his King. After looking at the seal over himself for a few seconds, Sirus opened the letter read it. As he did, Gerig could see the King's face go a little pale with fear as the contents of the message slowly sank in. The King handed the letter off to a knight who stood right beside his throne that proceeded to read it quickly and then stormed out of the room with several guards, obviously on his way to immediately prepare for the incoming invasion.

     Sirus turned back to face Gerig, "Remove your helmet, Sir..."

     "Gerig, my Lord." he answered as he stood back up and removed his helmet. Gerig had not shaved since leaving for the Marrec's city so he had a decent beard that hid his face and potentially his identity from anyone who might have been able to recognize him.

      "Sir Gerig." Sirus said as he walked over, "Your courage has most likely saved our kingdom. I will make sure Ulath hears of your plight and rewards you for it. For now, I bid you to join us for tonight's feast so that we can all toast to your successful mission."

     As much as Gerig would have loved to break bread with his king, he had to decline to prevent himself from being discovered. 

PJ Lowry

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