God Forge: Forge of the Mind (book 1)

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Component 10: Giant Issues



“Watch out!” the Elf cried to his half-elf companion.

Lavina held up her hands and spit out the magical words of a spell. Angon was surprised to see the girl sink vanish like a ghost, straight into the ground. A split-second later a large boulder crashed through the area where she had just been standing.

Gavin and Angon both turned to face the oncoming Plains Giant. The Sol Elf drew his bow and nocked an arrow as the Forge looked around for a weapon. Sure there were now boulders scattered about, but none were small enough for him to lift.

“How do I fight?” Angon asked Gavin.

The Elf fired an arrow. The small missile flew towards the Plains Giant and sunk into its arm. It hardly seemed to notice the pinprick of an attack.

“Fetter!” Gavin cursed, “These won’t be useful.”

“But how do I fight!?” Angon asked again.

“Just stay out of the way!” Gavin snapped at the machine as he threw down his bow and drew his dagger—a puny thing, and one that would force him to close.

“Let me fight!” Angon pleaded, throwing down his arms.

Lavina popped out of the ground just then, and held her light metal rod before her.

“Fire Bolt!” she cried.

A beam of flame shot through the air and zapped straight into the hideously disfigured Giant burning a coin-sized hole in his shoulder. The arrow had little effect, but the powerful spell of a sorceress, even one in training, was painful indeed. The Giant roared and dropped the boulder he was holding. The trio of goodly races felt the ground tremble as that heavy rock bounced and rolled towards them.

Gavin reached into his pack and pulled out a long white cloth, then began tying it around the arrow. Angon looked at Gavin then back at the Giant—this was taking too long, the Giant was recovering and already reaching into its humongous bag and retrieving another two ton missile.

“I’m going to fight!” Angon said with determination and took off right at the giant.

“No, Angon!” Lavina cried, “You’ll get hurt!”

The pretty half-elf’s words could not deter him this time. He needed to help. The giant tilted its face down to look at the Forge that was jogging toward him. Giant’s weren’t smart creatures typically, and especially not Plains Giants—they were the dumbest of the bunch. So it was completely surprised to see a man in what it deemed armor running up to face him. The ghastly humanoid smiled with that crooked mouth and reached for Angon as if he would run right into his palm.

Giants were dumb, but Angon was smart. There was no way he was going to just get snatched up so easily. Instead Angon jumped into the air and landed on the Giant’s arm, and kept on running. He went right up onto its shoulder, pulled back his fist and launched it into the ugly thing’s temple.

The Plains Giant roared and grabbed for Angon, who easily leapt onto the other shoulder and punched it in the temple again.

Lavina and Gavin saw this spectacle and ran for the giant as well.

“Lavina, fire my dear!” Gavin called out.

The girl who ran alongside Gavin pointed her finger and shouted, “Fire Bolt!”

A small beam of fire shot into the Archer’s tied up arrow, lighting it aflame. Then Gavin fired the lit arrow at the Giant’s chest. The shot was true and it hit dead center in their enemy’s chest. Giant’s did not like fire, and the rags it wore were extremely flammable, as they were made from the hides of Wool-Bears—so when the fire arrow struck the makeshift loincloth, it burst into flames instantly. The Giant began smacking itself in the loin, trying to get the fire out. This gave Angon the opportunity to leap unleash punch after punch into the distracted monstrosity.

The Plains Giant had to choose which to stop, the fire or Angon, and it didn’t like being punched, so it snapped its hand up and grabbed Angon, then began shaking him around like a rag doll, Angon cried out as he was felt like every gear inside of him was about to come loose.




“Nice try, Dwarf,” Gonzeelda smiled as she leaped into a backflip, dodging the crushing Hellsmasher by mere inches.

The strong Dwarf’s hammer hit the ground with such force, rock and dirt flew up into the air. When the dust cleared, a crater remained where the attack had landed.

Buster was confused—how had he missed the Orc Woman? She should have been splattered! He had little time to contemplate this as a new revelation came to him; a blade was held to his neck and a hot drop of blood was rolling down onto his chest.

“Ye, bitch,” Buster muttered, but even that caused the knife to deepen its cut.

“Un, uh, uh,” Gonzeelda said, putting her lips to Buster’s ear, “You move and you die.”

Buster held still, for he knew it was true. This Orc was smart and fast. He cursed in his mind—if only he had saved his one and only Diamond Body spell for this one he would not have to worry! Instead he had wasted it on her two minions who were now floating unconscious in the lake.

The dwarf clenched his jaw—how badly he wanted to just take the cut and land on Orc and tear our her throat with his teeth.

“Now what should I do with you?” Gonzeelda said in a whimsical tone, “Should I keep you as a toy? Maybe a bed time play thing?”

Buster winced at that thought. Mating with an Orc would be worse than being dead. If she truly meant to do that he would dive into her dagger and cut his own throat.

Jake A. Strife

#179 in Young adult
#319 in Fantasy
#51 in Epic fantasy

Story about: magic, adventure, gods

Edited: 29.08.2019

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