God Forge: Forge of the Mind (book 1)

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Component 17: Blood Tomb



The Orc seductress walked carefully through the Moonbearer Mountains. Her two minions walked directly behind her, and on all four sides were the four demonic minions of the Lich Brotherhood.

“How we escape?” Budge leaned forward and whispered into Gonzeelda’s ear.

Unfortunately for him, he spoke far too loudly. Gonzeelda jabbed her elbow into his ribs and he cried out. The leading red-cloaked demon came to a stop, turning back to glare at the trio of Orcs.

“Apologize to the nice demon, boys.” Gonzeelda muttered under her breath.

“I sorry.” Budge said.

“But I no do nothing!” Weiggs complained.

“Just do it!” Gonzeelda elbowed him, as well.

“Sorry, Mr. Nice Demon.” Weiggs groaned.

Under the demon’s hood, its eyes flashed red, and it shook its head.

“Such insolence in front of the Lord Reischerr will not be tolerated.” It said, its voice crackling with evil energies.

Gonzeelda stepped bravely stepped forward, her hand reaching for her dagger; which wasn’t there. The demons had removed all of their weapons just in case the Orcs decided to make any stupid moves. Still, Gonzeelda was not afraid. She had fought lesser demons before, and come out victorious—Never though, without a weapon. She knew she’d have to fix that in case she truly did attack.

“Did you have something to say?” The lead demon asked.

The Orcess bit her tongue and shook her head; she knew the odds were not in her favor at that exact moment. If she wanted to escape, with her minions, she would have to wait to play her hand.

The demons led the trio through a series of caves, ones which Gonzeelda knew well. She had been born in the Moonbearer Mountains after all.

As they arrived outside the chamber the Lich Brotherhood currently inhabited, Gonzeelda watched the lead demon carefully. It reached out with a bony red finger and traced a circular pattern on the cave wall. It reversed the pattern and drew the backwards four, that intersected with a three. Yes, it was the symbol of the Blood Tomb.

The wall rumbled and a door-shaped portion rose into the ceiling. It took precisely four seconds to finish; but only two before a humanoid of Weiggs’ size to make it through.

The lead demon walked through the door and despite her wall of bluster, Gonzeelda consciously felt a tinge of fear. Undead were creatures to be afraid of, especially ones that were also capable of casting powerful spells.

On they walked, up an incline, and onto a small plateau where snow and ice had blown in from an overlook.

As they rounded the final bend only black-cloaked figure stood at said overlook. One Lich was plenty enough to try and combat, so she thanked her lucky stars the other three were not around.

“Lord Reischerr, we have brought Gonzeelda Skinns.” The front demon spoke. “As per your request, my lord.”

“Be gone.” Reischerr spoke in a chilling tone.

The demon started to speak, “But Lord, they are three and you—”

Reischerr, without turning around lifted a hand and made a fist. All at once, the four demons were engulfed in blocks of ice.

Gonzeelda stared intently, trying to figure out the range of the spell. Her less-than-intelligent minions instead poked at the demons. Budge shoved one demon to the side, and the ice block fell over, shattering the unfortunate denizen of the Abyss.

“So, Lord Reischerr.” Gonzeelda cooed. “May I ask what occasion brings us back together?”

“Does she have the weapon?” The Lich Lord murmured, paying the Orcess no heed.

“I beg your pardon?” Gonzeelda asked.

The powerful undead still did not turn, yet he held his hand out to the side. “Yes, yes you have it. I can feel its power.”

Her brows creased and she put her hand on the pouch containing the shards of her ‘Beauty’. She couldn’t let the filthy undead have it. She would have to enact her escape plan soon. But first she needed to learn as much as she could.

“The Blood Tomb.” Gonzeelda danced around his words. “You are part of it, yes?”

“I have no time for your silly questions.” Reischerr hissed. “Give me the Soul Rupture, and I will think about letting you live. For I know the Homunculus still walks the land. You allowed it to escape.”

Behind Gonzeelda, Budge and Weiggs tensesd. They knew the escape plan was coming, yet they were to await a signal. And yet, they had forgotten what that signal was.

With one hand at her side, Gonzeelda waggled her fingers, telling Budge and Weiggs to get ready to make a break for the door.

“Why hasn’t the Blood Tomb made its move?” The Orcess asked. “They could have destroyed the world in the War of the Ten, and they vanished. Why only now do you seek a weapon of such power? Why resurface?”

“You try my patience, my dear.” Lord Reischerr mused. “But I am bored this day, with my colleagues away on other business. So I will play your game.

The Blood Tomb did disappear a century or so ago. However, they fled not due to fear, or weakness. Instead they ascended. The leader of the Blood Tomb army discovered a secret that was so powerful, he became a god. And with him, he took his war elsewhere; somewhere more appropriate for one of such power.”

“A god?” Gonzeelda breathed. Then it was true, she realized. Such power did exist, and something told her it had to do with the weapon shards in her purse.

Jake A. Strife

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