God Forge: Forge of the Mind (book 1)

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Component 31: Cursed City



The thirteen druids stood before the Starr-Sencian pass. A storm was coming on the horizon and they could already feel the unbelievably, knee-bending power behind it.

Still, they stood with earnest, waiting and watching as the dark clouds, and the Walking God came closer. Not a single druid would waver that day; they were one of the four clans of Anhsook Del Iris, the only creatures that held the ability to shape shift into other creatures at will. They were not afraid for themselves, but for Angon and his friends, should they fail.

“Master Hawkwolfe, he approaches, and not alone.” Said one of the younger druids.

The old master looked up, past his long crooked nose. It was true, the impressively powerful orc, Gus, walked with three other orcs, and a small child on his shoulder.

“What do we do?” Another druid startled. “He has a young one with him.”

“We can not give in to his trickery.” Master Hawkwolfe said. “We must buy the forge and his companions time. If the forge does not receive proper guidance from his creator, then the Walking God is the least we will have to worry about.”

“R-right, Master.” The druid replied.

“Everyone…” The druid said. “Take your strongest form, and be prepared to attack when I give the signal.”

“Yes, Master.” The twelve other druids replied.

All at once, they began transforming. Some’s noses retracted into their faces, while others sprouted extra limbs from their backs. One grew a trunk, and mighty tusks, while another became a horned creature that was only found in the deepest reached of the Underworld. Soon, a menagerie of creatures stood, blades, horns, tusks, and spiked tails at the ready.

It was just a handful of moments later that Gus, Gonzeelda, Budge, Weiggs, and Tricia arrived before the pack.

Gus was the first to stop, while Gonzeelda walked up next to him. Budge and Weiggs stayed behind him, but still held their battle-axes out, prepared to strike.

“Shall I make Budge and Weiggs kill them for us?” Gonzeelda snickered.

Gus stared at each of the twelve figures and took them in. With a snort, he shook his head.

“Let us hear what they have to say before an unnecessary slaughter occurs.” Were Gus’ words.

A druid stepped forward and lashed out tentacle-like arms. “A slaughter of filthy, stinking orcs, perhaps!”

“Shall I deal with that one personally?” Gonzeelda asked, drawing a blade, and licking it along its side.

“I said, hold.” Gus grumbled. “I would prefer not to kill one of the balancing spirit clans of our world.”

“Is that what they are?” Gonzeelda muttered. “I wouldn’t have guessed.”

“Will you yield?” Gus asked, looking at a great hydra, who seemed to be the leader of the pack.

“What purpose do you hold behind these lands?” Master Hawkwolfe asked, from one of his many heads.

“I seek to destroy those who will not hand over the Soul Rupture.” Gus said.

The wise druid master knew that the group he had delivered to Angel’s Outpost would not be able to give up the weapon. It needed to be reforged in Angon’s hands.

“Then we will not yield.” The master said, snapping his heads about.

Gus said, “Then you will die.”

“My brothers and sisters, attack!” Master Hawkwolfe shouted from all six of his heads at once.

The druids all charged in at once. Gus grabbed Tricia and dropped her in Weiggs’ arms. With that, he drew his gigantic axe, and the slaughter began.




“It’s getting cold.” Lavina shivered, and reached into her pack, taking out her cold weather cloak.

“And here I came overdressed.” Ramona sighed, looking over her bare arms, and down at her own cleavage. “I’ll need someone to keep me warm.” She grabbed Buster’s back and snuggled up against him.

“Get off me, runt.” Buster grumbled, but she ignored him and buried her head into his robes.

Angon rolled his eyes and walked up to Gavin, who stared into the snow-blanketed city, just a score of feet before them.

“Is he here?” Gavin asked. “Your creator? Can you hear him?”

Angon stared ahead, looking over the first of the once grand towers of Angel’s Outpost, a city that belonged to the magically gifted. He focused, trying to listen, but only heard the howling wind.

“No.” Angon said. “I don’t sense anything.”

“Well, let’s hope all of our information is correct.” Gavin said. “I’d hate to have made this journey for nothing.”

“I don’t think the journey will end here.” Lavina walked up to the pair. “Look at it this way, it’s a chance to further our research.”

“While being chased by the Walking God.” Gavin muttered. “I fear to think what’ll happen when he catches up.”

“Don’t worry.” Lavina said. “We’ll figure something out.”

“I don’t want to be here.” Angon said for the hundredth time, but started walking. “So let’s get this over with.”

“I despise this adventure.” Gavin said, abandoning his horse, and following Angon, the snow crunching under their feet.

Ramona and Buster climbed off the stone-lizard and into the snow as well.

Jake A. Strife

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