God Forge: Forge of the Mind (book 1)

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Component 38: Shatered Grasps



The cavern, and the very world of Anhsook Del iris shook. Angon, unable to move, fell onto his side, and could do nothing but stare in horror. The Soul Rupture stuck into the Anvil of Creation, and fire swirled around the blade. Gonzeelda’s eyes were wide with excitement and she wore the grin of a devil.

A pillar of fire blasted up on each side of the anvil, and struck the ceiling, burning holes straight through the mountain. The orcess laughed, and cried out in jubilance. Stalactites fell, shattering all around Angon, and Gonzeelda, and it seemed as if everything were about to rip asunder.

A blaring red portal ripped through the fabric of reality and stretched vertically until it reached from the floor to the ceiling. Out of nowhere, the shattered stones of the cavern sucked into the portal, and a roar came from within.

Dark gray fingers exploded from the swirling mass of rage and out came hands, attached to long muscular forearms.

“Torchwood!” Gonzeelda cried at the top of her lungs.

As if pulling itself from a pool of blood, a massive humanoid stepped out. But it was not as Angon had imagined. The creature’s skin was gray, and looked to be made of stone. It was as tall as the cavern, and had wired, stringy hair. Its biceps were wider than its legs, and its chest was several times that. It stared around with burning red eyes, and tried to take a step forward, but it a fiery barrier caused its leg to bounce back. The creature growled so fiercely, Angon felt pure terror. He wanted to crawl away, but still, he was frozen there on the floor.

The whirlpool portal shrunk and vanished with a loud pop, and then Gonzeelda stood back with her mouth hanging wide.

“Torchwood.” She said, holding her arms out wide.

The god turned to the orcess and stared with no expression.

Gonzeelda spun in a circle and cried out in joy.

“I’ve done it!” She sang. “I’ve summoned a god!”

The orcess walked around to Torchwood’s side that she might see the homunculus’ terrified face.

Angon was scared, but he forced a look of defiance. Even if he were about to die, he would not let Gonzeelda have any satisfaction in her victory.

“So, homunculus.” Gonzeelda grinned. “What do you think of my god? Isn’t he wondrous?”

Torchwood’s eyes followed the orcess’ every movement. But he did nothing else.

“You’re insane.” Angon managed to spat.

“Why?” She shrugged. “Am I any more insane than your creator? I mean he made you so that you would kill gods. But I have summoned one and you are unable to even stand in his presence!”

“Release me, and I will show you what I can do.” Angon growled through clenched teeth.

“Hmph. You would like that wouldn’t you?” She sang. “I have my family now, and I will not even allow you the chance to take them away. I have my daughter, and my husband.”

Torchwood regarded the ocress with a tilted head. Gonzeelda looked back at the god and nodded. “Yes, my dear, as soon as you are at full strength we shall have our official ceremony and be wed to one another for all of time. Then we shall go on a kill spree, to take this world, and then the world of the gods. Anhsook will fall. The Blood Tomb will fall. The cosmic realms will all fall!”

“You.” Torchwood opened his mouth, staring down his long crooked nose at Gonzeelda. “You. Summoned. Me?”

“Yes, my dear!” She said, holding her arms out wide. “I summoned you using my ‘Beauty’. So now we shall be together forever! And over there is your daughter! Tricia, come out, sweetie. Meet your new daddy!”

From behind her stalagmite hiding place, Tricia poked her head out and looked at Torchwood, her heart thundering. Then she turned to her mommy and shook her head.

“He’s scary, mommy!” The little hag girl stammered. “I don’t want him to be my new daddy.”

“Don’t be afraid.” Gonzeelda stepped forward. “He won’t harm you. He’ll be a much better daddy than Budge or Weiggs ever could have been!”

“I liked Budge and Weiggs!” Tricia cried, fully going into hiding.

“Nonsense!” Gonzeelda said, turning to Torchwood. “Are you almost ready, my dear? Are you at full strength! I even have a present for you! This ugly homunculus here. You can rip him apart, or even eat him if you so desire!”

Torchwood look at the creature made of metal, and then at the little hag girl.

“Child.” Torchwood whispered. “Child. Much. More. Tasty.”

“W-what?” Gonzeelda stuttered. “You’re joking, right, my love?”

Torchwood snapped his head to the orcess and glared with the burning power of one thousands suns.

The orcess stumbled back a step, but then shook her head. “You clearly need more time to become whole. Your mind is not here yet.”

“I am fully restored.” Torchwood said, his deep, powerful voice reverberating through the cavern of creation.

Then, with a godly rage, Torchwood threw his arms out to the side and the energy barrier holding him shattered, pieces of magic flying out.

“Child!” Torchwood screamed, and took a mighty step toward Tricia and the little girl screamed

“Wait!” Gonzeelda shouted, but Torchwood, a fully fledged god would not listen to a mortal.

He reached between the stalagmites and tried to grab the hag child. Tricia shouted and a blast of fire struck his hand. The god roared and stomped his feet about, sending more quakes through the cavern.

Jake A. Strife

#175 in Young adult
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Story about: magic, adventure, gods

Edited: 29.08.2019

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