Grandpa's Recipes

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Grandpa's Recipes : 2

          Violet was close to her Grandpa, she remembered the days when her Grandpa first taught her how to bake. She had memories of her Grandpa's Bakery where she had baked as a child. Grandpa was always in her mind, she missed him the most. 

           Although Ryan helped Violet in bakery in initial days. But he got a job offer that he couldn't decline. Not willingly but he had to quit the bakery and join the job. Violet was alone handling the bakery with her assistances Allen and Austin. Now Violet had to look after everything herself. Sometimes in between weekends Kevin visited bakery 

      A month passed and Violet was busy with a calculator , her diary and some bills on dinning table. While Kevin looked her sipping coffee.

   "Yes, the bakery has started making profits, I was going through our bills and expenses, and also after paying salary to Allen and Austin, we still have a profit for our pocket after a month of successfully running bakery" Violet said after her calculation was done. 

"I m proud of you dear, you made it, at first I thought it's a gamble and I was risking the money that I saved for us, (but he didn't mentioned that money that he used was saved for there retirement) but you made me to realize that I was wrong. You are putting your best efforts in our bakery. Keep going dear." saying this Kevin went for his office and Violet was ready to leave for bakery 

        'Violet' s Bakery & Cafe' was slowly getting popular as they were offering great variety. Every customer could find some or the other thing of his choice. The cafe did have the vintage look with morden charm and aesthetic appeal. The cafe mostly attracted the customers from the age group of 30s to 70s and not the targeted age group of students, teens and the ones in 20s. Also the cafe had daily customers but they were not the regular customers. But when there were new customers, Violet didn't felt the that she had customers but they visited only once, those customers didn't visited again. Some customers came to buy birthday cakes, wedding cakes but there was no cake readily available. Those customers returned dejected. This cause some harm to the customer satisfaction  and also to the profits. Another month passed with less flying colours. 

      "Violet, how is the bakery's progress last month. I m thinking to close my business and start helping you in the bakery. I m done with this routine job of mine. Need to change my profession isn't it ?" Kevin asked Violet smiling, sipping his coffee. 

      " Kevin, progress is on rise, but bit lower than what we had last month. There is little decline in sales. Still we are in profit. Mr Businessman , do you really want to be a Pastry Chef and a baker . I can't believe my ears !" Violet said surprisingly 

      " You heard it right Miss Baking Queen. I m joining you the next month. You must rename the bakery 'Violet' s + Kevin's Bakery & Cafe' said Kevin and both started laughing."

     " You are our investor Mr. Businessman, your bakery your wish. Come join us as soon as possible, awaited..! " Violet said to Kevin 

        The rest last days of the month Kevin helped Violet in kitchen. He learned rolling, baking, icing, cutting and shredding the cakes. He made mistakes but soon recovered by being perfect in it. This homework of Kevin would definitely help him in bakery when he will be helping there. The communication between both got tuned and refined. Kevin started new experiments in kitchen which brought him scolding from Violet for messing everything. But Kevin was a great, well determined Learner. It was the last day of month and Kevin was ready with all procedure of quiting the business field and selling everything that his business had, but at the last moment a call came and he had to cancel the idea of quiting business. 







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