Grandpa's Recipes

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 Kevin on the call, 

"Dad, what I m hearing from Mom, you are closing down the family business that you made by your hard work and dedication, no you must not close that." Ryan said to Kevin. 

Kevin heard him calmly and replied,

"Son, I m bored doing the same for years, now at this point of life I want to explore something new, that will add some light in my life. Till today I was just running behind the things that I wanted to achieve in my life, now when this things are done I m ready to move on... "

Kevin wanted to speak further but Ryan interrupted 

" Dad, I didn't worked with you, because I wanted to take real life experiences while working under someone else. The reason I took this Marketing and Business degree was to take your business further. It has been over a month since I m working here. And it's home calling me to work with you. Please don't close it, I will handle it Dad, trust me. " said Ryan  in a bit low emotional voice. 

"Listen, here my boy. I m surprised to see that you are really interested in our business, because before this I never felt that you are interested in working at my business. If this was so I would have never thought of doing this. As your Mom is busy in bakery I thought I must close down the business and help her to some extent. She is really working day and night for the bakery. " said Kevin. 

"Dad as I have signed bond for 3 months I can't come back now, but soon I will. Yes Mom is putting her best efforts in bakery and that's the reason for it's success. Dad can you manage this for two more months. I will be back soon." said Ryan. 

"OK my boy, the business is yours, I will manage it till you join us. I will manage so that I can give more time to your Mom and the bakery" Kevin replied 

"Thanks Dad, can't express my feelings in words. Dad I have to leave for the work. I will call you soon." Ryan said

"OK son, take care." saying this Kevin ended the call. 

       Later the same day Kevin discussed with Violet about Ryan's interest in taking up the business forward. Violet was delighted that Ryan was finally taking the responsibility on his shoulder. Kevin as always was supportive. 

     Here bakery was witnessing a rise in customers. It was more popular as a 'Cafe' rather than designated and mainly focused 'Bakery'. Freshly baked products were on high sales like breads and pastries. Violet wasn't making the biscuits, pies, doughnuts in bakery. But she bought them from a local seller. And the products that she bought remained in bakery shelves as it is. Customers who tasted this ready made products never came back in the shop. Rather than receiving a positive mouth publicity for bakery, it was getting negative publicity and this spread across into the locality. Customers only visited to drink tea, coffer or shakes. The decline in the sales of bakery products was in continuity. Neither Violet felt this nor her assistants Allen and Austin. Kevin visited the bakery but he never knew about this. And one day it happened what was supposed to be. 





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