Grandpa's Recipes

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Grandpa's Recipes : 7

        Kevin always tried to be a best father, husband and also a best friend. But he felt that he failed as a husband and as a father. His family wasn't with him. Most of the time he spent alone thinking about Violet and Ryan. About Violet he knew that she is safe but about Ryan he had no idea. Kevin enquired with the friends of Ryan but he didn't get signs of Ryan. 

        Violet's behaviour was worsening day by day. She used to yell and shout on her assistants, she used to throw away the things in anger. 

"Violet, I think we need to put less sugar in the flour" said Allen. 

"Will you stop teaching me my work Allen, you know I m a bakery chef from childhood, don't be my boss or teacher. And don't forget who is the owner." Violet said adding more sugar in the flour. 

"Austin, what are you doing this, what are this flowers on cakes ? Who told you to do this ? Don't be the boss here, or you are fired ?" Violet said angrily to Austin. 

         Austin and Allen not willingly but still tolerating everything silently. AlLen and Austin wanted to leave the job, but they were not getting any part time job. Plus they had to pay the college fees, and they had no option rather than working in bakery and suffering violent behaviour of Violet, till they find another suitable job. 

         Violet gave the 'Violet's Bakery' on rent and also she gave her house on rent. 'Crystal' s Cake Shop' was making heavy losses per week about $5k to $7k per week. And Violet had no time thinking about her family or her bakery or even she didn't thought about herself. 

       Ryan sad, alone on the hospital bed needed his family. But he had no one with him. He couldn't talk to Violet due to her behaviour, he knew that she wouldn't  understand him. And Ryan couldn't face Kevin, because he felt he had broken the trust of Kevin. With a weak body Ryan was just lying for a life. If the condition remained the same Ryan would be on death bed ! 

       Kevin was worried about Ryan, but he wasn't getting any way to reach him. Kevin tried his best to trace Ryan or get any signal of him. But all his attempts failed but he didn't stopped. Once Kevin accompanied his cousin for a regular visit to the doctor. While his cousin was going through several tests, Kevin just wandered in the hospital. He reached the hospital garden and sat. He saw a family of three playing happily in the garden. The child was sick and had gone through a major surgery but his parents were making the child feel normal and they played merrily. "How lucky the family, in all odds they are together and strong. What kind of negativity had strucked my family. It took everything from us, if we were together we could have found out solution but things became worst and we lost everything. Ryan I miss you my child, without you I feel so alone, I need you my boy, I need you..! " Kevin thought with tears flowing through his eyes. 

   While Kevin was in his deep thoughts, his phone rang, the person on other side was his cousin, and he told that his check ups were complete. They were ready to leave. Kevin wiped his tears, still hiding them inside and went to his cousin. They were about to leave hospital. But Kevin heard a voice, he looked back and stopped. 


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