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        Kevin looked back for the voice he heard. For him that voice was familiar.
"Kevin, my child so nice to see you !" said the person
"Aunt Crystal ! exclaimed Kevin. 
"We are meeting after a year, time passes so quickly." Kevin continued.
"Yes, as you know I m always busy with the restaurant and stuff, I was in contact with Violet though." said Aunt Crystal 
"How is everybody at home, Ryan I haven't seen him in a while. Is everything okay there ?" asked Aunt Crystal

Kevin got a tap on his shoulder, he was his cousin Eric. 
"Kevin, we are getting late, we need to go." said Eric
"Eric meet Aunt Crystal,Aunt Crystal he is my eldest cousin Eric, a retired army officer." said Kevin. 
"Eric you can go, I have to talk with Aunt, we will meet home at evening." said Kevin. 
"Okay, I m leaving for home, it was nice meeting you Aunt Crystal. Gotta go ! Take care." said Eric 

"Good bye dear, it was pleasant meeting you." said Aunt Crystal. 

Later Aunt Crystal and Kevin went to the garden of the hospital. Aunt Crystal asked Kevin why he was staying with his cousin and not with Violet. Initially Kevin made excuses of Eric's health and he needs someone to care. But later he confessed to Aunt Crystal. 

"Aunt, everything isn't good, and I m missing my son, I don't know where he is." said Kevin in a low voice. 

Aunt Crystal to whom she saw a strong person in his lifetime was broken. Aunt consolidated him. Kevin told her everything about cafe, bakery, Violet and how there house got a permanent lock. 

Aunt Crystal didn't seemed surprised. He just told Kevin to come with her. Kevin made a call to Eric that he is going with Aunt Crystal and he will come back soon. Aunt Crytal drove Kevin to her restaurant . In the journey Kevin told how helpless he felt for himself and family. Aunt Crytal could understand how Kevin would have been feeling as a father and a husband. That day Aunt Crystal and Kevin had dinner in the Aunt Crystal's restaurant. Kevin enquired about Violet from the Aunt Crystal. She told him that Violet has closed her old bakery and the newer ones is just running somehow, Allen and Austin had quit there job as the assistants. And now one of the Violet's friend is helping her in the bakery. Aunt Crytal also told that she haven't been in contact for a long time and now a days Violet don't even make a call to enquire about her health. Kevin was stil worried about Ryan as there was no way of finding him. He tried to call Ryan again and again but the call never got connected. Kevin told about his worries about Ryan. Aunt Crytal was quite and was hearing Kevin throughout the dinner. 

Aunt Crystal told Kevin the childhood of Violet. 

Aunt Crystal said, "That time we did work hard for whole day, Violet did help me in managing everything in the restaurant. She learned the things quickly and she was a great support for me in those circumstances." 

Aunt Crystal continued, "The Violet I see now, is not that my girl, that she used to be, my child has lost somewhere." 

Kevin said, "I agree with you, she has changed and now I don't know what to do !" 

Aunt Crystal and Kevin after dinner left from the  Aunt Crystal's restaurant and Aunt Crystal started driving. Kevin remained silent now, thinking about his family. 




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