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   Next day Kevin with Ryan & Aunt Crystal went straight to the Richards House which was closed for over 9 months. There neighbors came to greet them. Kevin made excuses to his neighbors that why they were not at home for months. Kevin and Ryan dusted, cleaned and vaccumed the house. All the things were made like they were before. Aunt Crystal went to buy groceries and daily necessities. By noon everything was done and house was same dazzling like it was 9 months before. Kevin arranged new lights for the house, while Ryan helped him to decorate. Still Kevin was in thoughts and questions arised in his mind when he was cleaning the garage. 

"How will I face Violet ? How will I convince her ? How will she react to me ? Will she accept me ? Has she moved on in life ? And if she doesn't recognize me then..!" Kevin had this questions orbiting in his mind. 

It was Aunt Crystal who read his mind by his expressions. 

"Don't worry Kevin, face it and you are only one who can make it. Just think about Ryan and no one else. May be Violet is waiting for you for over this months and she may be missing you equally. Be strong son, you can make it done." said Aunt Crystal consolating Kevin. 

Ryan was in his room, sobbing heavily. He was thinking about his business empire which was ruling all over the state. His one mistake ruined his father's hard earned business, also Ryan ruined his life. He felt that even he could have stayed at home and stopped mom and dad quarrelling all the time. He could have listened his dad for not over stocking in the warehouse. He wouldn't have taken the huge loans so that everything could have been in normal. 

"My biggest mistake was not correcting my mistakes. My arrogance and ignorance just ruined everything. The idea of second bakery has devasted the family. And I m completely responsible."  Ryan said crying. 

Kevin while going to attic heard the sobs of Ryan. Kevin kept the things aside that he was taking to attic and went towards Ryan's room. 

"Knock, knock, may I come in son ? " said Kevin. 

"Please come in Dad, I need to talk to you.." said Ryan stammering in between. 

Kevin came and sat beside Ryan and fondled him. 

"I m the one who is responsible for everything, I m the one who made us bankrupt. I m the one who is responsible for everything that happened. I m guilty for my deeds and I can't be forgiven Dad." Ryan said crying loudly. 

Kevin again embraced him in his arms. 

"No son, don't blame yourself, forget about the past now, it's time to move forward and make our family reunited again. Money can be earned again so don't worry about that. We will work day and night to pay off the loans. And where is the smile that I m looking for. " said Kevin

"Dad, love you and thanks for understanding me. " said Ryan smiling. 

"That's my boy...! " said Kevin. 

Aunt Crystal made lunch for them. All the dishes were the Ryan's favourite. He thanked Aunt Crystal for giving him a lovely treat.

It was about  2 in afternoon, Richard's House was gleaming in its old shine. The House was just missing one member and the time came to bring her back. 

Kevin called Aunt Crystal and Ryan. 

"Now it's time to bring Violet at home." said Kevin. He started the car and drove to the new bakery 'Crystal's Cake Shop' where Violet was still running the bakery. 






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