Grandpa's Recipes

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Grandpa's Recipes : 12

         Door bell rings, Kevin is at home with Aunt Crystal. Kevin opens the door and welcomes the person. 

"Kevin Richards, right.." the person said. 

"And you are Robert Ness." said Kevin. 

Kevin and Aunt Crystal welcomed Robert. Aunt Crystal brought coffee and snacks for both. 

"Aunt Crystal, meet Robert Ness, the famous baker of the country and owner of 'Ness Bakery'  one of the largest bakery franchise of the country. Robert has helped thousands of the bakers those who were not doing good in bakery business. He uplifted the life of thousands of bakers across the state. Robert is going to help us and bakery. " said Kevin. 

Aunt Crystal and Kevin both were happy that Violet will get formal training and business techniques from Robert. Robert made a plan accordingly to make aware Violet about running a bakery and making it a profitable business. 

He visited the 'Crystal's Cake Shop' to try out products and figure out what's the problem. Violet was in the bakery kitchen and her new assistant Emmy was on the counter. Robert was amazed to see a lot of bakery products in the shelves, including those that were not so trendy. He tasted some products and went away. 

Violet was firm and determined to change herself for her family. She wanted bakery to get back it's glory that her Grandpa has once brought to it. Kevin told her about Robert and how he can help her. Violet was ready to meet Robert and make those necessary changes in herself as well as in bakery. 

Next morning everyone was in bakery. Violet, Kevin, Ryan and Aunt Crystal. Robert came, Emmy was surprised to see a customer coming back again after trying there products. Robert told family to get back to there work. He told Emmy to stay and give him whatever her wanted. Violet and others went into bakery kitchen. 

"So what's the speciality of your bakery ? First I would like to taste them." Robert said to Emmy. Emmy give him the 'Crazy Cannoli' the cannoli 5 times larger than the normal one. Robert took a bit, and told Emmy to tell Violet that, "The cannoli was over sweet and cream wasn't up to the mark, the outer crust was good. The over size of it just made me off, give this cannoli to Violet." Emmy took cannoli and gave it to Violet to taste. Violet said it was fine and Robert is unnecessarily making negative remarks. Emmy told Robert that Violet wasn't happy by his remarks. 

Meanwhile Robert tried other bakery products like muffin, brownie, bread loafs, pies, cracker, pastry, tart, ginger bread, cakes, rolls, cream puff, biscuits, etc, whatever was available in the shelves. He told Violet the flaws in the products, the use of natural ingredients, baking everything in the bakery itself. He also told to stop buying the ready made products that are very low and they degrade the image of bakery. The products Violet made had added more than what was the actual cost, and the price tag was low as compared to the cost. Violet wasn't happy listening all what Robert said, but she got ready for the change. 

Robert was going to change bakery completely with new and fresh look, and it would be a bakery rather than a cafe. 

That night Aunt Crystal gave a old vintage looking trunk to Violet, that belonged to her Grandpa. 

"Your Grandpa's journey, your childhood is enclosed in it for decades." said Aunt Crystal. 




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