Grandpa's Recipes

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  Advertisement of reopening of 'Grandpa's Bakery' was done using media. Bakery was all set for a grand opening. For opening main guest was Aunt Crystal. Before opening Rinky and her team was giving final touches to the bakery. Violet, Robert, Allen and Austin were busy in making bakery products. Ryan, Kevin were busy in arranging them in shelves. Emmy was busy in giving them price tags. A huge crowd and line was waiting for bakery to reopen. 

   Aunt Crystal cut the ribbon and inagurated the bakery. 

      "And the 'Grandpa's Recipes' is officially reopening today, welcome guys to your all new 'Grandpa's Recipes' enjoy your treat.." said Robert announcing. 

The crowd was cheering it had kids, teens, youths, aged and old ones. All waiting for there turn to come up. Violet and Aunt Crystal remembered the good old days when same crowd use to wait during the times of Grandpa. For Violet it was the view she wanted to see for so long, it raised her morale and confidence. 

    Customers rushed into the bakery. And everyone was desperate to try everything. 

"Two blue berry cupcakes, two Italian cannoli, two doughnuts." said a customer. 

"28 Dollars, thank you and visit again..!" said Ryan. 

Emmy and Allen were quickly packing up the things whatever customer asked for. Ryan was on the counter. In between Violet visited to customers who were enjoying the baked items. And asked there feedback. 

"I remember, I visited the bakery with my Grandma. I used to love breads from here and my childhood memories are back." said an old lady. 

"This cupcakes are yum, I m going to visit here again for them." said a teenage boy eating cupcakes. 

"I saw the crowd, so I came here and this place is amazing. Will order my wedding cake for here. " said a youth. 

"OMG, this is same bakery that my father told me, where he met mom." said one customer watching old photos of bakery. 

"This colors and interiors are so delighting. Loving this picture corner. And whatever they serve is yum." said a young boy. 

For most the bakery was known place. They heard the stories of legendary baker and his bakery from there adults, and reopening of that bakery was going back in the time. For youth it was golden opportunity to taste the products from past they never tasted. 

 That day the bakery remained open till late night. Robert took a leave from them. Everyone thanked Robert for his help without him the bakery wouldn't have been possible. 

The old golden days which once seemned to be history of golden era were back in the bakery. The complete effort of everyone made it. Aunt Crystal was the happiest person to see bakery back again in its glory. Kevin was happy to see Violet getting her dream come true. The black clouds from the Richards were now never going to come back again. There bond grew stronger like never before. And they were always thankful to Aunt Crystal for everything and also to Robert. Bakery was running successfully as Violet understood what was good or what was bad for bakery. Bakery got huge cake orders from celebrites, politicians and well known personalities. The bakery had over hundred bakers, cake decorators and artist working day night on hundreds of cakes monthly. The brand 'Grandpa's Recipes' was known beyond the boundaries for the state. The bakery grew to massive success and this glorious story had a past full of circumstances. 

    Ryan was in his business, with his business profits he turned into a investor. He invested in newly growing IT industry. Which made him a owner of tech giant company. He married to famous journalist Emily. Violet and Kevin took retirement from the bakery and spent there rest of the life in the farm away from the everyone. Ryan used to visit them regularly. Aunt Crystal left the world, she was happy to see her father's bakery back again and Richards living a happy family life. The bakery was looked after by Ryan and Emily. The 'Grandpa's Recipes' is still running today successfully after over two decades.

Special Note : Thanks everyone for  your support and love for this story. It became possible only because of your motivation. Special thanks to all the readers. Stay tuned for next story, coming up soon...! 



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