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Chapter 1



I wake up and stare at the ceiling. The smell of bacon comes to my attention, I quickly pull on my robe and put on my slippers.  I stare at the person cooking in my light blue kitchen. Then the mysterious person turns around, I heave a sigh as my brother Josh comes closer and gives me a hug. “Morning Sis” he says in an unusually cheery voice. “I thought I got drunk last night and brought some dude home for the night” I say in a relieved yet not awake -ish tone. Josh seats me at the nearest bar stool and shoves food into my mouth . I get up thank Josh and go to take a shower. I enter the forest themed bathroom and I remove all of my clothes. I look at myself in the mirror. I admire my full hips, my large breasts, and my large ass. I look at my face and how my light brown skin compliments my long,raven hair. How it compliments my light pink, full, lips. I step into the shower and scrub . I get out and pick out my outfit for work. I decide upon a black suit with a white mini skirt, and my black army boots. My hair is in a bun and I decided to do my edges, and put on some dark red lipstick. I get my black Luis Vuton purse, and walk out the door. I give Josh a kiss on the cheek. I step out into the New York air. I decide to walk to work since it is not far away. I make it into the reception area on time right before the elevator rush. I greet Janice the receptionist and head into the elevator. Just as I enter the second floor May my best friend comes running towards me. “Cyprin (our boss) wants to see you” she says as she hugs me tightly. We walk into the classification office and we head toward Cyprin’s office. “Good morning boss” I say with a smile. The demigod Alex Cyprin looks at me and returns my smile. He is a slender man and he wears a dress shirt and pants. “ Amy, a new case just popped up and you are perfect for the job. You will help Hades plan the godly assembly in Olympus,” he says in a serious tone. “Hades asked for you personally.” I look at him in surprise. How does Hades know my name? “I will take the job Alex and I won’t disappoint you” I answer confidently. He nods and I leave his office to go get my purse and leave for Olympus. May finds me at the elevators that lead to Olympus. “Were you leaving without saying goodbye?” she says with a fake sniffle. I giggle and embrace her in a hug. She returns the hug just as the elevator opens. I step inside and wave at May as the doors close. 5 minutes later the door open into a very large and open room. Technically it is not a room more like a greenhouse with no windows only colums. A beautiful woman comes running toward me. “Are you agent Jules. My name is Persephony” she says as a sweet smile plays on her lips. I nod and she takes my hand as we start walking. “We can do the tour a little later. Uncle is waiting for you in his office” she explains. We enter a room with the view of a gigantic waterfall. In the middle of the room there are two desks, and a gigantic TV. On it the face of who I assume is Zeus appears. There is a couch right in front of the TV and on it is a very handsome man talking to Zeus. Persephony clears her throat and Zeus disappears. The handsome man stands up and walks towards us. The man is tall and visibly muscular. His hair is colored. It is Purple with shades of white and pink. His violet eyes look to Persephony. His lips form a warm smile. “Uncle this is Agent Jules” Persephony says to interrupt the silence. This must be Hades my boss. Hades looks at me, takes my  right hand, and plants a kiss on it. “Pleasure to meet you” his deep voice makes my heart beat faster. “The pleasure is all mine sir.” I answer once I am able to find my voice. Our eyes lock for a moment before he pulls away. “Let’s get down to buisness. Shall we?” he says professionally. “I want the Assembly to be elegant yet fun, but not too much of both” he starts. I take my notepad and write down everything he says. “ Zeus of course is going to want to say a speech. So on the schedual put down 2 hours for Zeus’ speech. There will be greek food and wine. Make sure that Apollo doesn’t get a hold of it. Put security guards at the doors , I feel like something bad is going to happen. The seating will and should be approved by Persephony. Any questions?” he asks. I shake my head and take ou my laptop to start planning. I start typing out the schedual. Every now and then I ask Persephony what she thinks of it. Hours later Persephony comes to sit by me on the couch with a cup of coffee. She hands me the coffee and says “Here you need this. You have been working for hours” she says. “I haven’t even noticed how long I have been working. I am kind of married to my job” I answer. She giggles and turns to look at Hades. “Just like someone I know!” she says loudly. I giggle along with her. Hades gets up and says “Time for some rest ladies tomorrow is the big day”. We stand up and head out the door into the beautiful darkness of the night. I look at the stars as we walk to Hades’ estate. Wait, am I really going to sleep in Hades’ estate! The thought of me and Hades in the same house makes me blush. He is soooooo handsome that I can’t even survive being in the same office as him. Hades slows his pace and touches my shoulder . He asks “Are you alright?” I nod and keep walking. When we reach Hades’ estate we enter into a very large living room with a fountain in the center of it with a grand kitchen at the side. He walks into a hallway and explains “This is your room and bathroom. My room is just across the hallway and Persephony’s is at the end of the hall.” “Thank you” I answer. Hades nods and goes into the living room. I enter my room only to find my clothes on the bed. I smile and take a look around the large room. A bookshelf filled with many of my favorite books stands near a window overlooking a park. I change my clothes and get into bed. 


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