Heavenly Tainted

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Part I. The Fallen

Location: Heaven

Time Period: 2018


         A prophecy. One that tells of an Angel from Heaven and a Demon from Hell will collide with one another. This specific prophecy says that their collision can cause chaos among the Realm of the Almighty. The Angel would bring the brightest light to even the darkest beings and vice versa with the Demon. This was merely a prophecy, words spoken from elders that now cease to exist, one that everyone refused to listen to.

         Until Ofiel was born from God himself. As a baby, she showed no signs of being a part of the prophecy. She had been a normal Angel until her wings grew in. A singular black feather in array of white, one with celestial powers. All of Heaven shook. The other Angels feared her. God himself was worried that the prophecy he believed was a myth would be true, so he did what he thought was best for the Realm of the Almighty and himself. He banished her from Heaven.

 “I don’t understand.”

“You leave me no other option. You have proven to be a danger to our society. You no longer serve a purpose here.”

         She wasn’t going to fight it. Because deep down she knew she was different from the other Angels. That somehow subconsciously, her life had more meaning than being a simple guardian Angel. So, she didn’t bother responding to the very being that gave her wings. And now was going to take those wings away from her.

 “Ofiel you are hereby banished from Heaven. Condemned to the mortal realm.”


Location: Earth, New York

Time Period: 2018


            The fall was all Ofiel could remember. Everything else was just a deep void, a great wide hole of dark nothingness. Her head was thumping; it felt as though she had taken a blow to the head. Her eyes began to open slowly. Her eyes fully opened to the blinding light that was beaming down above her. She felt groggy.

            Without any clothes on, she sat up. Cold, naked, and confused she rubbed her head and felt a sting behind her. She turned to look and saw two lines a few inches apart from each other down half her back. When she reached to touch them, she held her breath as it tingled when her finger traced the scars down until there wasn’t any left.

            She stood up and started walking; covering her chest with her arms she strolled along the side of the road aimlessly. There was nothing around her. It was barren except for electrical lines that were used for power and Internet.

            The sound of sirens in the distance didn’t catch her attention. She didn’t know what that sound was, but it felt unpleasant to her ears. She continued to walk as the noise got closer and closer until she turned her head next to her. She saw a car that was the colors black and white with red and blue on the top going back and forth. With a head tilt she stopped in her tracks and frowned.

A young deputy stepped out of the vehicle and immediately took off her jacket. She placed it around the young woman that was standing there naked and tried not to look anywhere on her body. “Are you alright miss?”

“Where am I?”

            Her voice came out angelic. It was soothing and calm but sounded scared at the same time. It made the deputy go into a blank state of awe before she coughed and shook her head. “In the middle of nowhere Tennessee miss.”

 “I can’t…I can’t remember who I am.”

“Come on, let’s get you inside the car and I’ll take you back to the station.”

            The deputy led her toward the police car and helped her into the passenger seat. They rode in the car silently. The deputy occasionally looked at the young woman and pondered to herself what the girl could be doing out in the middle of nowhere. She observed her. All brown hair with one strand of white, bright ocean eyes, and pale skin. The most distinguished feature that caught her eyes were the scars that were down the young woman’s back. She wanted to ask questions, but the sight of her face that looked confused and scared made her hold back.

After a long drive, they reached the police station; walking into the police station they received stares from multiple police officers and citizens. The deputy took her to a private interrogation room and closed the door behind them.

“I’m going to get you some clothes. Stay right here, please.”

            The deputy left. The young woman was all alone. She looked around seeing nothing but grey walls around her. She let out a shaky breath. The sound of the door opening got her attention. She looked to see that the deputy had gotten her a pair of clothes. A slightly baggy t-shirt, tight jeans, and sneakers. She gave the deputy a light smile and nod of thanks. The deputy turned around as the young woman changed.

            Once she finished changing both were sitting across from one another. The deputy, still in awe at her beauty tried to focus. “I’m deputy Sansa Grove. Can you tell me what you were doing out in the middle of nowhere?”

 “I…don’t know.”

Hallie Schlauch

Edited: 16.10.2019

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