Heavenly Tainted

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Part III. Multiple Collisions

Ofiel and Cersil


            The nightclub was busy during Ofiel’s shift at the bar. The time was eleven o’clock. Another hour until her shift was over. She had orders to fill and as she started pouring another shot the sound of glass shattering made her ears twitched. Ofiel put down the glass. She looked over to her right to see a familiar face though she couldn’t make out who he was and a random older man fighting one another.

            She got a closer look to see that the older man had smashed a bottle on the familiar persons face because there was a cut across his face. Blood dripped down as he got another punch to the face right in his left eye. He wiped it off and threw his fist into the other guys cheek. The older man stumbled backward.

            Ofiel had enough of the two fighting. She strolled up in-between the two then she put her hands out touching both of their chests. “Enough. Both of you. There will be no fighting in my bar.”

 “Fuck off bitch.” The older man slurred. He got his fist ready to swing and swung right toward Ofiel’s face.

            She caught his hand. Surprised by her strength for being such a tiny girl the older man used his other hand and swung. She caught his other hand. Tightening her grip, she pushed him backwards. She shocked everyone including herself. “Get out of my bar.”

            Ofiel used not her eyes, but her voice to compel the older man to listen to her words. He turned around and started walking toward the exit. He looked back confused at the young woman’s strength. Everyone murmured and whispered until Cersil gave them all a menacing glare. It made them all go back to dancing, drinking, and having fun; ignoring the glare Cersil was giving all of them. He hated attention. Mainly from strangers that were judging them.

            He watched as Ofiel turned around and put a hand on his cheek. Both felt the static of their skin touching. It made him twitch. “…What are you doing?”

 “You okay?” She asked. Then shook her head. “Of course not. Here, take a seat. And I’ll grab you a first aid kit.”

 “Hmph. I’m fine.”

            He tried to leave, but she grabbed his arm ignoring his comment. She pulled him toward the bar and made him take a seat.

 “Stay right there.”

Unlike the older man her voice had no effect on him. He didn’t feel compelled to listen to her. However, he didn’t move. He saw her strength and it slightly terrified him. His eyes saw her go behind the bar and grab the first aid kit. She walked back and took out the antiseptic; dabbing it on his face she saw him flinching from the sting.

“Hold still.” She said in an exasperated but touchingly concerned tone of voice.

As she continued to clean up his cut his gaze adverted to her eyes. They made eye contact with one another. They froze in that position for a brief second until Ofiel’s eyes went wide with realization. “I know you. You’re that barista from Grind Beans.”

She paused then gave him that same dimple smile that made his chest tighten. “It’s Christopher, right?”

 “Yeah.” He muffled. “…Ophelia?”

“That’s me.” She kept in her laugh. She dabbed the cut on his face one last time. She placed a band-aid over the cut gently. “There. All better. Well, almost.”

 “You didn’t have to help me. He could’ve hurt you.”

“I didn’t help you.” She corrected. “I was stopping two idiots from ruining my bar. No fights allowed. Even if I know you. I can handle myself too. You saw.”

“Surprisingly. Can’t believe you…”

 “Me too.” She murmured. She adverted her eyes downward.

“What did you say?” He asked. Slightly curious as to what she could be looking surprised for. He figured that she knew of her strength and that is why she decided to put it to use tonight.

“Nothing. Don’t worry about it.” She responded quickly. “How’s your eye?”

 “Hurts like Hell.”

            Ofiel reached up to touch it. Same as last time he twitched when she did, but soon relaxed into her touch. He tried to turn away from her. “Stop touching it.”

            He briefly looked into her eyes as though the trance would make her stop. However, she didn’t. It shocked him. He thought that the trance worked on everyone. With her it didn’t. She pressed on his skin gently. He had never been touched so gently before he didn’t know what to do with himself. He had always gotten beaten in the last five years of living in New York City or scratched by random objects. Bad luck followed him, but when he ran into Ofiel. That went away. Suddenly there was good luck in his life. He enjoyed the changed.

 “It’ll get better soon.”

“I know.” He looked away. He checked the clock that was hanging above the bar. “It’s late.”

 “Shifts not over until midnight. How about I get back to work and you stay here?”

Hallie Schlauch

Edited: 16.10.2019

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