Heavenly Tainted

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Part IV. Connection

Ofiel and Cersil


            Ofiel and Cersil head back to her apartment. On their walk back Ofiel played with the sleeves of his jacket. She ran up ahead of him and waved at Cersil with his jacket sleeve. “We’re here! I told you it was close!”

            He stared at her with his eyes softening and a small smile formed on his face. “You were right.”

            Once inside they heard the sound of footsteps coming towards them. Sansa looked remorseful as she strolled up to them not realizing that Ofiel had a guest. “Ophelia I’m so sor—”

            She stopped when she saw Cersil standing there with an awkward wave. She eyed him up and down then at Ofiel up and down. “I didn’t realize you had company.”

 “Sansa meet Christopher. Christopher meet Sansa.”

            Sansa looked at Ofiel with a teasing glint in her eye. “Whose jacket is that?”

“Christopher’s!” She replied with a smile with the blush rising to her cheeks. It was becoming fairly obvious that she had been blushing because of how pale her skin was. She tried to cover it up with her hand over her face.

 “So, you’re Christopher…Interesting.”

            Ofiel shook her head. “Anyway, we have something important to tell you. Remember when you found me? I was…” She looked over at Cersil quickly before finishing her sentence. “Naked.”

 “Yes, I remember. It’s hard to forget such a sight.”

“Well, guess who was also naked? Christopher!” She said a little too loudly. She glanced over at Cersil whose face was beat red. She nudged him and he sighed nodding his head to give conformation.

 “Please explain more clearly Ophelia.”

            Ofiel fiddled with the sleeves of his jacket. “Christopher and I were both naked when we were found by the police. Only I was found in Tennessee and Christopher was found in Detroit. Both of us have experienced amnesia and couldn’t remember our names.”

            Sansa took in the information and nodded along. “I see. What does this all mean?”

“It means whatever happened to me must be the same thing that had happened to Christopher.”

            She crossed her arms and eyed them both. She saw that both were giving her pleading eyes making her sigh in defeat. “Fine. I’ll call the Detroit police station later today. To see if Christopher’s story checks out.”

            Ofiel rushed up to Sansa and wrapped her arms around her while picking her up slightly. “Oh, thank you! Thank you! I promise this will not be a waste of your time!”

            That made Sansa let out a breathy laugh. The two have been able to read each other’s minds over time. She believed that it was a waste of time after their last conversation but chose to let Ofiel have this moment of hope. With a guest around she didn’t want to bring up the conversation or the false hope. She didn’t want to make Cersil uncomfortable.

            Ofiel released her and looked at her with a bright smile. Sansa swore she had never seen another human with that type of smile before. Ofiel whispered in a low voice. “I’m sorry about earlier, but I’m not giving this up.”

 “I know.” Sansa whispered back.

            Cersil observed the two girls and their dynamic with one another. The two girls really did seem like family to one another. It almost made him smile.

 “I have to get back to the police station, but I’ll see if your story checks out.”

            As Sansa leaves Ofiel turned toward Cersil and awkwardly shuffled her feet looking up at him. “Do you maybe, want to hang out?”

“Y-yeah.” He stuttered. He murmured a curse under his breath. Slightly embarrassed that he stuttered.

 “Let’s start off with a tour of the apartment!” She excitedly said while grabbed his arm. She tugged on his arm and pulled him along. “This is the living room.”

            The living room had a medium side television as they walked through it; he looked around seeing that there was an assortment of candles around the apartment. There was a painting above the fireplace that looked like it hadn’t been used in months. There was dust building up on it. He grimaced a little but hid his expression from Ofiel. He didn’t want her to feel bad for not cleaning.

            Next he was pulled into the kitchen. There weren’t any dishes in the sink. There were, however, labels on the cabinets of what was inside them. He looked at her. “Labels?”

 “It was my idea. In the beginning I didn’t know what was what or where it was so I labeled them. We never found the time to take them down, so they just stayed up there.”

Hallie Schlauch

Edited: 16.10.2019

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