Heavenly Tainted

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Part V. Heaven

Location: Earth, Heaven

Time Period: 2019

Guardian Angel Zazriel


            Heaven. The higher place. The holiest of places. A paradise that was meant for those who did good deeds on Earth. There would be no sickness or evil among Heaven. The Devil and his Demons could never reach or touch the heavenly place. A lion would lie with the lamb. It was a place of purity and regal, bright light shines throughout the realm as guardians of man whisk by through the air. The constant peaceful Hymn in the air brought about a. sense of contentment in the Angels as they go about their duties up in Heaven on down on Earth, by God’s will, to help those in need of their divine intervention.

            There are guardian Angels that are assigned to all humans. That included Ofiel.

            God requested that Ofiel’s guardian Angel report to him every day to keep updates on her, to see how she was doing. Despite banishing her from Heaven, he missed his child. However, once he heard news that she made a friend by the name of Christopher he had been relieved. Until word came back that their stories of how they both ended up with amnesia under similar circumstances made him question things.

            God called in Ofiel’s guardian Angel to discuss it with him. “What are this similar circumstances you speak of?”

 “Both have had amnesia, found unclothed in different places at the same time, sir.”

“This must be the work of the Devil.”

            That name made the guardian Angel shiver. That name is forbidden in Heaven. Only those who say it have a death wish. God saw his reaction. He merely shook his head and gestured for the guardian Angel to step forward.

            He did. “Sir?”

“We don’t speak with the Devil, or of him, but I must. For the sake of explaining things to you. You see, the Devil and I, made a deal.”

            That made the guardian Angel gap.

“Zazriel, please, let me continue. We don’t want the prophecy coming true. So, we did what we thought was best. Banishing them. However, unaware to I, I did not realize he banished the Demon to the mortal realm as well.”

 “What does this mean, sir?”

“This means… that both could still cause chaos to the Realm of the Almighty if they figure out who they really are.”

            The guardian Angel didn’t speak. God took that as a sign to keep going in the one-sided conversation. “I am asking you from now on, to not just guard her, but to keep them apart. Do not let her see you. Ever.”

 “Yes, sir.”

            There were moments where Zazriel was almost caught by Ofiel. When it was around midnight after Ofiel’s shift, the young former Angel had been riding her bike home in the dark. Zazriel had been watching her from the other side of the street. When Ofiel stopped peddling and looking over directly at her Zazriel hid his body, so all Ofiel could see was his silhouette. However, he did not think of his wings at that moment. When a car passed by, he flew up into the air and disappeared. He watched below her as she looked at the area with a questionable face.

            The other time was when Ofiel and Sansa were speaking to one another about the topic of something that Zazriel couldn’t remember. He was watching her from above with his shadow reflecting outside her window. He went up into the air when he saw that she was making her way over to him. He flew to the top of the building and stood on the roof. He saw from below that she poked her head out the window, once she saw nothing, she turned her head back and went back inside.

            Zazriel would never mention it to God that he almost got caught twice on two different occasions. He did not want to lose his position as being guardian Angel. He stared at God with a determined face. “I will do my best, sir. To make sure they never interact. From now on.”

 “Good. Now go. We mustn’t waste time.”

            Zazriel made his way to the observatory. The observatory. The heavenly home of Angels. It is where they observe the humans from above. With a transparent circular gateway in the middle where go to and from Heaven.


Location: Earth, New York

Time Period: 2019


            He took in a quick breath and jumped. His wings spread as he flew down passed the clouds, other Angels that were going to their respective humans and into the sky high above the city of New York. He looked down among the citizens seeing Ofiel riding her bike with the dog known as Seven and Cersil jogging next to her. He grimaced. An Angel would normally be peaceful at all costs but seeing a former Angel with a former Demon made his blood turn from white to a slight red. Zazriel made his way down in a dark alley way where no one could see him. He retracted his wings from his body, and they were no longer visible to the eyes of humans.

Hallie Schlauch

Edited: 16.10.2019

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