Her highness of mars

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Chapter 2

I wake up in the middle of the night due to the fact that it is snowing in my room. I also noticed that I had a tower of blankets on me, but they didn’t help much. I manage to fall  back asleep until it is morning. I am awaken by a very ugly alien lady. I scream when I see her face . I try to catch my breath and then I get up and get dressed. Taking my backpack on the way out. When I am closing the door to go get breakfast. I literally run into Mr.Carter who is also on his way out. “Morning,”he says. I wave and we head to the castle dining room. A giant loaf of bread and a large pitcher of milk are on the large, round table. The professor and I go and sit down at the table. On Mars it is very rude to wait for someone if the food is already 

on the table. After we finish eating, we go to the auditorium. John gets up and takes off his shirt so that he can go run. A ten pack shines with his sweat. I start staring and I don’t even notice that he is staring back at me. After a long time of staring he walks up to me, bends down, and says “Like what you see’’. I stand up and march away. He doesn’t understand how I feel. It is like he doesn’t know what it is like to be in love. As I march away I feel a firm arm hold my arm. I turn around and punch that person in the face, only to realize that it was John. “Are you okay. I am so sorry. It was self- defense,” I say in a very worried voice. He answers “It’s okay. I deserved it.” I look at him in a confused way, suddenly remembering what I was mad about. I nod. “Nothing will stop you  from acting like a jerk,” I say jokingly. He smiles and pulls me into a hug. I mean it is a step up from nothing. Isn’t it? He pulls back and looks into my eyes. I look back at him. He leans in and I also lean, until we are 1 centimeter away from our lips touching. I want to kiss him so bad. He was about to lean in when something falls loudly causing me to ump into his arms. He is quick to embrace me, as if on reflex. We loook at each other and he leans into my personal space. I lean in and our lips touch forming a kiss. The kiss is filled with longlasting desire. We exchange kisses for a while longer, then he pulls away. A blush creeps up onto my cheeks, and we look at each other for a while longer. We move apart and get our stuff to head back to the castle. We walk in total silence until he says “I’m sorry for kissing you”. I look at him and say “There’s nothing to be sorry about. Plus, I kind of liked it”. He looks at me and smiles. “I can always do it again” he says with a mischievious grin on his face. I answer “I won’t stop you”. We both start laughing as we enter the castle. We make it to the hallway and say goodbye. I enter my room and he enters his room. I close the door and I smile. He kissed me, I touch my  lips and replay the moment in my head. I open the door only to see that he is also opening his door. I head out into the hallway and we spend a while looking at each other than I kiss him. I put my arms around his neck and he puts his hands around my waist. We spend a little bit of time in the hallway but we decide to take it somewhere more private. He lifts me up and I put my legs around his waist. I bury my fingers in his hair and he moans on my lips. He opens the door and sets me down. We keep kissing even as we fumble to take our clothes off. During the rest of the night moans escape our lips constantly, until we rest for a while. We cuddle and he plays with my hair as trace his lips with my finger. “Amy I love you,” he whispers. I answer “I love you too”. After that I fall asleep in his arms. 



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