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Chapter 2

The next day it was my holiday and I wanted to sleep late but I was awaken by a beep on my phone. It was Sunaina.

I read her text "Meet me up, my place, sharp at 11."

I was just too tired of this girl, I hate her being so moody. I texted her back "OKAY"

Immediately another text came it was from Raj. 

I read it "Hey Good Morning! Congratulations I heard of you scoring really well in your boards. Seriously I never saw such a combination in any girl. You are beutiful and intelligent at the sametime."

A blushing smile approached my face. It was the first time someone called me beautiful not hot something different from what all those dumb ass boys at school call me. I liked it.

I replied him " Hey morning. Thank you so much for that. That text made my day! By the way what about your friend what was his reaction?"

He- " You are always welcome. He was very excited. I asked to text Sunaina and talk to her I guess they did!"

Me- "Yeah I guess"

He- " So what's up? Any plans for today?"

Me- " I don't know. But now actually I am getting ready to reach Sunaina's house. She suddenly texted me to come up."

He- " Jay texted me too to come up to his house, he got something important to say to me. It"s pretty awkward that both of us are just going through the same conditions right now nah?"

Me- "Yeah actually."

I felt a bit suspicious maybe something happened between them? Maybe they are already together? A bunch of questions rose to my mind and I knew that I'll get all this answers as soon as I reach Sunaina's house.

I hurriedly got ready and went off for Sunaina's house. It was just a block away so I prefer walking but as I was in a hurry I took my mom's scooty and drove towards her house. I reached there within 5 mins and entered her house straight away I knew the keys are under the carpet I took the keys and unlocked the door. Her parents were not at home so I went straight away upstairs to her room. As I unlocked the door I saw her in her bathroom robe with a whole mess of clothes on her bed and she was just running inside the room doing this and that.

I was just shocked so I yelled at her " WHAT THE HECK IS ALL THIS? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?"

She yelled at me louder " WE ARE MEETING. And you are going with me as you promised." (it was seeming as if we were in some kind of a yelling competition)

My mind and heart  just skipped a beat to realize that may be Raj was also joining us.

Sunaina pulled me towards her and whispered " Maybe his bestfriend is also coming.... now its time to show your hot evil side bitch! You know what I mean right?"

I rolled my eyes and answered "Yeah...Show me some of those pastel shade dresses you have I'll try one of those and Yeah where are we going?"

She stammered while eating some biskets "Maybe to a movie? Jay has booked some tickets in the near by mall."

I actually like the idea. I love watching movies.

We got ready I was wearing a red midie cold shoulder back less dress with a bow at the back of the shoulder which looked quite good on me. Sunaina came out of the washroom and was totally stuned to see me in that dress. "Someone is going to burn the stage today huh! " She teased me. I blushed and said "Will you just shut up?" . We got perfectly ready and then I got a call on my cell. It was Raj. I picked up the call. 

He exclaimed "Hey beautiful! Up for the movie right?"

His voice was soooo soothing.

"Hmmmm....." I replied.

"Okay then lets see you. I am dying to see how you are looking."

and he hung up the call. I was blushing as hell.

Sunaina hit me by the elbow teasing me as she saw me blush. We booked a cab and reached the place.

A text beeped in my phone it was Raj "Come up to the theater directly as you reach we are waiting (heart emoji)"

I informed about it to Sunaina and took the elevator to reach the top floor to the theater.


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