Heroic Truth

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Chapter 3 : Omega

I landed in a dark place, crashing on the ground after falling for minutes in what seemed to be a bottomless, dark pit. I stood up and looked for my phone in my pocket. It was nowhere to be seen. In fact, I couldn't see anything.

“What the hell ?” I whispered as I began moving forward, very slowly, putting my hands in front of me.

A few steps later I felt something against my hands. It was a wall, hidden in the cloudy darkness. It started shaking as I stepped back, and it sunk into the ground progressively, revealing a light. A blue light that illuminated my body, as its heat covered me and erased the dark fog that surrounded me. The wall fully disappeared, and the bright marine blue light  stood in front of me, massive and powerful, bathing me in its energy. I let it sink in my body, until suddenly, it spoke to me.

A booming voice resonated painfully through my skull as I held it with my hands. “Omega Nanites, at your service,” Said the ominous, low pitched voice, making the world around me shake violently.

I woke up in my bed, with my clothes shredded, and my alarm clock beeping. It was a custom, marine and neon blue alarm clock, with two different alarms set for the day. One for school, one for my evening classes.

The hip-hop rhythmed beep stopped after I pushed my finger in the stop button.

I stood up and took off the rags that were left of my shirt, throwing them in my bin, before changing clothes, putting on my favorite white sweatpants with a white t-shirt and sports vest.

I rinsed my face with cold water in the bathroom and walked down the stairs to find my electric board next to the door, with its remote, which I picked up and jumped on after exiting the home, in the evening summer sun, bathed in the fresh wind as I rode my high-speed, barely legal board.  

I arrived to a sports dojo in the following fifteen minutes, pushing the red door open, and entering the sandy colored building, completely ignoring the crowd in front of the building, composed of chatty, loud teenagers just like me.

I entered the men’s changing room and opened the locker with my name plastered on it. I took off my watch and shoved it in, with my phone and my wallet, switching its place with a metal water bottle I left in.

A few people entered the changing room, and greeted me. I smiled at them and gave them a quick hello before swiftly escaping the room. I wasn’t feeling well at the moment. Waking up after puking metal and blood in your sink wasn’t the perfect morning. Thinking of this, I realized I didn’t clean myself after puking. My stomach sank in while the teacher opened the training area. “Hey Aaron, how are you today ?”

I froze for a second, thinking of an answer. “I’m fine, a bit tired ‘cause of the extra credit, you know ?” I followed the teacher in the room, tailed by the twenty-or-so students.

He tightened his sweatpants and moved a dark streak of his hair off of his face. “Must be tough. It’s okay if you don’t come once or twice to rest, and I don’t think you’ll need catching up,” hinting at the fact that I was way ahead the other students. “Okay kids, sit down in a circle, like usual.”

The class began with a simple warm-up cycle. Running around the dojo, followed by push ups mixed up with jump squats, or burpees, along with quadrupedal runs - running on all fours, which is more tiring than it sounds.

I outpaced everybody, each and every time. There always was someone in front of me, surpassing me physically, but today, I wasn't second or third. I was the unbeatable first, expending energy and moving faster than everyone, and it didn’t impress anyone, as they were used to being left behind. I noticed it though.

We finished the warm-up, or “torture” as a girl said as a joke in the chatter, making everyone laugh, relieving the pain in their overly sore muscles, which I didn’t feel. At all.

The teacher called for everyone and we surrounded him as he told us the planning of today’s class. “Okay kids, let’s begin with the sideflip. I’ve set up three different areas for you to work in. Aaron, you’ll be helping on the first one, take ten people with you, the rest, split up in the two others, we’ll switch twice, and then we’ll get to the back flip.”

Everyone rushed to me, and I backed up, jumping on a gymnastics cube, and pointing to the training area. “First ten to get here come with me !” I then jumped off and ran towards the foam pit.

The dojo was bought years ago and transformed into a parkour and gymnastics private school. When it opened, I immediately registered, after seeing a publicity on a bus. The teacher here, Michael, immediately took me under his wing, and soon, I was their best student, earning the right to help teaching, and so getting a not-really-needed summer job.

Once my group was formed, I let them practice in the foam pit, making them show me the right technique before trying in the pit. The joking girl came in front of me, and failed to remember the right technique, so I stood up and walked to her side. “Remember, the basketball technique. Dunk with your right arm," I said as I grabbed her arm to guide her. "Then you throw your other arm up, and fold your legs."

She executed the technique as I taught her, and I gave her the approval to jump in the pit. She ran happily towards the pit, and planted her feet in the ground, bouncing off, and rotating as a head peeked out of the foam cubes, completely oblivious to the girl who would land on him.


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