Heroic Truth

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Chapter 5 : Duo

The nanites obeyed to my commands, even my unconscious ones. My first order was to ground that son of a bitch, and they did it. They assembled themselves and formed a streak of metal, that reshaped itself into an oversized hand, that took hold of him.

Sunder shot a few holes in the nanite hand and broke it apart, flying to the side. “So still have them. They even left you a blueprint. That’s cute. He pulled out his two crimson pistols, and I pulled out the Shocker, dissolving the nanite cocoon around me.

A storm of lasers rained onto me, unloading from his guns. I stepped to the side, and the lasers grazed my skin on my arms. I clenched my fists as I felt the painful burns.

I ran and jumped behind a small wall. I breathed out slowly, and looked at my hand. The lasers had burned open my skin, but it reattached itself, and a blue streak of light came from the wound, and from the many other wounds, that closed almost magically. I could feel my head and arms' weight increasing, but I didn't have time to feel tired.

"Come on, superpowers. Do something !” I screamed to my weaponized arm.

I jumped over the wall, and a spherical grenade was waiting behind the wall for me to come out. The grenade blew up, and the explosion threw me against a wall. He was smart, so I had to be even smarter. I sat on my knee, and a bit of blood started pouring out of my left hand.

Another grenade flew in my direction, and I punched straight through it, creating another shockwave of sound and magnetism, breaking my construct, and knocking me on my back.

Luckily, the shockwave disarmed Sunder, who was aiming a flying punch against me. I felt my teeth moving out painfully, as my head hit the ground.

I woke up a few minutes later, in my underwear, and Sunder was next to me, looting my clothes. I got back on my feet, and slowly walked to him, my head still buzzing from the strike. I put my hand on his shoulder, and he turned around, raising his eyebrows.

"Fuck off !" I screamed, as I summoned my Shocker on my left arm, delivering him a full power uppercut.

Sunder was thrown up in the air, his suit jetpack malfunctioning because of the hundred volt discharge that was sent into it, making him fly uncontrollably, forcing him to dismount it, and land on the ground.  He threw another grenade at me, that I was ready to punch back.

As it left his hand, a giant fire blast ignited the scene, and I saw him fall down to the ground.

Ian rose up, with a burned hole in his shirt, his fists clenched and covered in fire, his eyes locked on Sunder, his black pupils shaking with anger. Flames erupted under his feet, and he flew upwards, his balled fists concentrating flames of increasing intensity, that he slammed on Sunder, who had barely stood up.

The feedback from the explosion threw Sunder a dozen of meters away, completely ragdolling. He stood up again, and wiped his face. Blood smeared his armored hand as he smiled. “You’ve got guts. You see, I’m sick, but not weak.” He pressed a button on his belt, and his suit swole up, as his muscles did, being pumped with god knows what. He ran towards us as his size and muscle increased exponentially, granting him titanic proportions, and power.

I was about to put on my shirt, when a purple flash blinded me for a second. When I opened my eyes, Ian's limp body was flying straight towards me. I ducked, and my best friend landed behind me, dazed. I looked at Sunder whose knuckles were lined with purple energy. He cracked them and ran towards me.

I gulped with difficulty. "Shit."

"I didn't want to do this kid, but I'll have to crush you. Give me your nanites now, or suffer." He said, as he jumped over me, throwing a two handed sweep towards my head.

I moved to the side to dodge the blow. "Alright, I’m done with your bullshit.” I closed my fist, charging electricity in it, and pushed my palm on his chest.

The shock powered up his suit, and Sunder grabbed my arm, throwing me high in the air.

I screamed as I crashed into a trash dumpster. It closed itself on my head, hitting me violently. I left the dumpster, and laid on the ground, completely covered in trash and sweat.

I was disgusting, and the air was getting colder, as the night was getting fresher and darker.

Ian had escaped from Sunder, and came back to me in a fire powered-jump. He looked at me and grabbed my shoulder. "Ugh. Did you puke ?”

"I’m glad you’re okay, you’re welcome.” I said, rolling my eyes as I stood up with Ian’s help.

He slapped lightly himself a few times. "Oh God, why do I know you ?” He said as he prepared two fireballs in his hands. "You got a plan ?"

"What do you mean a plan ?" I asked.

"Superheroes need a plan, we can't win without one." He said, rubbing his fire coated hands together.

I thought hard for a few seconds, and a sentence came in my mind immediately. "Okay, um... I have a plan. Attack."

I then ran off towards were Sunder was, and Ian followed me, jumping forward in a streak of flames.

Sunder looked at us, and covered his fists with metal knuckles, that pulsed with the same energy. "Come on. I won't disfigure you. I just need to kill you quickly."

Ian threw a fireball against Sunder.

He deflected it with his palm, walking towards us, completely unfazed by the numerous fireballs Ian was throwing at him.

He then grabbed Ian, who completely burst into flames, releasing all of his power, right in his face. Sunder knocked Ian out with a single punch, and tossed him aside, his face covered in blood.


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