Heroic Truth

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Chapter 6 : Indigo


We finally arrived home, after dodging the many patrol cars that drove around the area, investigating the building that spontaneously took fire, and the screaming and flames, and laser and explosions. One of the three women appeared in the corner of the garage as I pushed the door open. I stopped mid-way, and looked outside. 

“Ian, look around. You see something, you burn it to hell.” 

I built my floating boots and hovered around the house, multiple times, passing by Ian, not catching anything. After the third run, I reached the door and called Ian.

“Can you stay for the night ? I think we should stick together for a while.” 


Ian shrugged. " My mom won't mind.”


We came in, and headed to get drinks in the kitchen. The lights were on, because somebody was there. I stepped in, and saw my own mother, glad in a black and purple costume, taking off her eye-mask. She gasped at my sight, and stepped back. 


"Mom ? Wh-" I scream-whispered.


"I.. I can explain !" She blabbered.


“Take your time. We'll be in the living room." I opened the fridge and took two cans of soda before leaving.


Ian and I sat on the couch with the soda, and before drinking, Ian sniffled a few times, before asking :

"Did you forget to take out the trash ?”


"This maniac punched me into a trash can. How did you even survive being shot ?"


"My body... swallowed the heat up...” He opened his soda can and turned on the television, watching cartoons while drinking. He stopped mid-sip and side-eyed me. “You should take a shower.”


“You're right. I'll be back in ten.” 

I went to my room, grabbed a few clothes laid on a chair, revealing a small book named 'The Adventures of the Shocker' which was obviously made by a child, and obviously not left here by me.


On top of it was a note that read : "A reminder of who you are." Signed with a G. 


I picked it up, opened it and saw hand made drawings of very bad quality. The crayon marks had been slightly washed up by the years, revealing the small holes in the porous, cheap paper that composed the book. 

The first page had a big drawing of me. I was a superhero in a blue suit, and a cape, with a darker X on my chest. I had armored gauntlets and boots, just like the weapons I created earlier on this day. I flipped the pages, and found myself, nicknamed OmegaPunch, fighting off monsters. I could control lightning, and so I used it to fend the tentacle monsters off by creating swords of lightning, and summoning it from the skies to power up.  Countless pages showed the many depictions of the heroic me, using my majestic powers to defeat the hordes of evil led by the evil monster Alpha. 


Eventually, I arrived in Alpha's lair, and we fought. We fought hard. The last pages were the most elaborate, showing drawings of me using my powers in crazy ways, creating special weapons out of thunder and creating a robot to help me, named Mister Shocker.


Mister Shocker and I fought against Alpha, and we won the fight against his army, and against him. To secure peace, Mister Shocker sacrificed himself to lock Alpha inside of my left hand.

After the dust had settled, I took the name Shocker to honor his sacrifice, and so, my story ended, and I closed the book, leaving it on my desk as I left for the shower. 


When the hot water hit my face, my entire body riled up and electricity ran through my fingers and my skin, reacting with each droplet, completely decimating the bacteria on my skin, and the smell of garbage. Eventually this feeling stopped after I rinsed the soap off, and left the shower, water still dripping from my hair.


After my cleanup I found my mom and Ian downstairs, talking about our encounter with Sunder.

"What did I miss ?" I sat next to Ian, facing Mom.


Resting in a bean bag, she started explaining. "I guess you're old enough now."


I sighed. "Mom, how old am I ?" 


"I know, you're fifteen, but you're still my son, don't interrupt me again !" She looked at me, trying to be menacing in her soft, shapeless seat.


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