Heroic Truth

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Chapter 7 : Buff Mommy


"M-" I opened my mouth, trying to understand what was happening.


"What happened here ? " She asked with a stern look as she paced herself around the room, observing the damage done by the bomb. She turned over a corpse, whose blown off face fell to the ground. She recoiled in disgust.  


"We came in to order food, and when we got out, boom ! The place blew up." I said, waving my hands in complex and quick motions, panicked. 


Indigo Avenger rolled her eyes. “Okay, you two get behind me, this isn't training. Now !" Mom ordered. We both stood in a triangle formation, following her closely. Our trio went out of the restaurant, and we were welcomed by a group of masked people. The three of them had cat masks, and assault rifles, pointed towards us. 


The leader of the group, wearing a slightly darker mask, walked towards Indigo, still pointing his rifle to his face. “Woman.Take your weird kids away and leave, or you’ll die.”


She smiled. 


The leader of the trio was projected across the street, breaking his wrist on landing. Indigo bent her knees, and bounced upwards, almost flying off, displacing the air around her like a massive boulder hurtling through the air with pure strength, landing in a crash next to the leader. 


The two other criminals shot their rifles at us, as soon as they saw their boss being thrown away with a simple palm strike. 


I jumped in front of Ian, and building the Shocker gauntlet, raised a magnetic shield-bubble around us, blocking the bullet bursts coming our way. 


“Thanks. Let me handle them, shut down your shield.”  Ian said, pushing me aside, preparing two fireballs, which he threw on the gangsters when I lowered the shield, blasting them back, unconscious and charred. 


Indigo Avenger came back in a crash, holding the Wilders’ lead, cuffed and beaten to a pulp, throwing him next to his goons, before cuffing them too. 

She turned around and pointed to the side of the building, opposite to the road. “Go there, there’s probably more of them. I’ll go on the other side,” She ordered, and jumped off to the other side of the building, scouting for threats, while Ian and I went to the other, obscured side of the Taco Bell, between the restaurant and the neighboring building. 

Ian and I walked in the darkness, lit up by the Shocker’s faint blue light, in order to stay discreet. 


A child like laugh resonated from the streets, as shadows darted in front of me. I moved my right first around, lighting up two children like figures, wearing closed bike helmets and pointing their rifles at me.


"You move, we make cheese outta you." The one on the left said, gripping tightly his small rifle.

He was dark skinned, almost invisible with his black outfit. His eyes struck me. They had bright blue pupils.The one on the right was his polar opposite. He was pale white, his outfit was completely colorless, and his eyes were shining red. "Hands behind your back, dork. You’re under arrest. " The black one said.


“Why ?” I asked. 


“A bomb blew up here, and you’re the only survivors. Don’t resist.” His white counterpart said. 


“Look, we’re investigating here, we’re the good guys.”  I raised my hands in an apologetic way, and rubbed the back of my neck. 


“On whose behalf ?”


Ian looked at me, and I looked at him, giving him a confident nod. “That's confidential.” I answered. 


“Abe, go on.” The darker stranger said, and his partner shot his rifle at me.

A syringe stuck itself in my arm, immediately flooding my system with sedative. My eyes closed themselves on their own and I fell down, seeing, with difficulty, Ian suffering the same fate, falling down, just like my eyelids.


Andrea Jackson's Diary


We all split up, and I left for the side of the Taco Bell. Aaron stood in front of the entrance, and his friend went to the other side. Everything was silent. It was weird, and I was more worried about Aaron than anything else. It may seem unprofessional for me, The Indigo Avenger, but I'm still a mom. 

Even if he has superpowers I can't even comprehend, I couldn't help but feel worry for him.


When I feel unsafe, I always buff up using my powers; bulking up my muscles, elongating my bones a bit, thickening my skin. I learned how to do this years ago by accident. I call this, The Buff Mommy.


I walked around, listening carefully to the environment. No sound was to be heard. I may be super strong and super fast, I'm still a human with fear. Some say that fear is only your body's response to the unknown, but I think it's more of a signal for something else.


Maybe this night I was right.











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