His Cheerleader

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Chapter 2- His Thoughts

Jared's POV

Do you that feeling? That wherever you go, as long as she's there...she would stare at you, I mean...She would quickly glance at you and when you caught her, there she goes, turning her cheeks into beet-red.

I find her creepy, she's a Cheerleader for Pete's sake! Why would she even want to be friends with me? My heart was pounding so fast a while ago inside the library, I don't know what the fuck is wrong with the beating but I know for sure it's not normal. Yes I admit, ever since I laid my eyes on her, I immediately got a crush on her, I mean she's just so refreshing, she's not like the other girls in school who thinks so highly of themselves but I had to keep my guards up, there are so many things to consider first before I let these stupid feelings interfere. "Jared!" My mom called

"Yes?" I answered her

"Come down here will you? Don't tell me you're locking yourself up again?" I got up from bed then went downstairs.

"What do you need?" I asked

"My son." she said I gave her a poker face look.

"Oh come on! Don't give me that look! Your dad's not coming home tonight, he's going to have a business meeting with Mr. Swift in Chicago so come on and help me with this!" she said as she handed me an apron...Swift...sounds familiar, I wonder where I heard that.

"Uh why are we cooking so much food when you just said dad won't be around?" I asked as I chopped the broccoli

"Mr. Swift's Family will be coming over, His wife is a good friend of mine." She said

Moments later My mom and I served the food and arranged the table for our visitors, she told me to change my clothes and make myself look presentable, how stupid.

I heard a car pulling over in front of our house so I hurriedly changed my clothes into a plain black shirt and gray knee-length pants, I thought about removing my glasses but Nah! Never mind. I walked downstairs and went to the kitchen to drink water then I proceeded to the dining hall.

My eyes went wide as fuck when I saw Brittany sitting in front of the seat reserved for me.

SHIT! That's why it's familiar! Brittany Swift! She's a Swift for Pete's sake!

"Oh there you are Jared! Fiona? This is my son, Jared." She said as I walked beside my mom and tried to smile, I gazed at Brittany who seemed shock when she saw me.

"Darling! You've grown so much already! You were like 3 years old when I saw you..." Brittany's mom said then she came to me jaunty and hugged me. Brittany has her mom's lips and eyes, no wonder she looked like a celebrity.

"Oh where are my manners! Jared, Georgia? This is my daughter...Brittany." She said as she introduced Brittany.

"I believe you guys go to the same school!" She said then I nodded, Brittany seemed off so her mom pinched her and it made her snap out of her deep thoughts.

"So shall we?" mom said and offered the seats, all of us sat there. My mom and Brittany's mom were talking while Brittany and I were eating silently.

Our moms seemed to have forgotten our existence so I loudly cleared my voice then said.

"Uhmm...excuse us, Brittany and I will talk outside!" I said then Brittany's eyes widened, Geez I don't want to do this either but she's a visitor, someone should at least entertain her, and that's what you call manners.

"No, not outside, just bring her to your room you guys can talk there...only Talk okay?" my mom said while giggling

"Geez...you've got to be kidding me!" I looked at Brittany who's obviously blushing, cute.

"Let's go!" I said then led her to my room.


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