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Chapter 6- Not without a fight

Jared's POV:

"Hey Red! How are you?" Lienna asked as we walked together on our way to the parking lot. She's a friend of mine but not that close though but we do casually talk.

"Why would I not be fine?" I asked looking up to the sky. "Well...don't you feel bad after hearing what Clara said in class awhile ago?" She asked. Oh right, that St. Claire girl doesn't know what she's talking about.

I shrugged. "Should I feel anything?" I tried to disregard her point.

"Oh come on, you're not fooling me Jared, not me." She said.

"I'm not trying to deceive anyone." I said and then saw my mom waving.

"Gotta go Meyer, we're off to grandpa's" I said and bid her farewell.

"Now this is a major wow. I wasn't aware that you were dating someone already! Too bad for Brittany." She said giggling.

"Shut up mom, we're not dating." I said and closed the door beside me.

"Oh right! You're in-love with Brit. I forgot." She said smirking at me. I just ignored her and looked at the greeny view outside as we drove off to my grandpa's barn.

We pulled over at my grandpa's garage beside the barn, I sure did miss the ambiance in this barn. I let out a huge sigh as I opened the door beside me and inhaled the fresh farm air with the mixture of scents of animal dint and fertilizer, feels like home. I made my way to the back door of the house just right beside the barn.

"Luke!" My grandfather said as his gaze locked mine. "Grandpa...It's Jared now." I said and gave him a warm hug. "Bullshit! I'll call you what I named you!" He said tapping my shoulders.

"How are you son?" He asked as he sat in-front of the fireplace in his single cushion couch. "Good." I replied.

"Any girl?" He once again asked. "No." He sighed upon hearing my response. 

"You are the most boring guy I ever know Luke Francis Scotland." He said. I shook my head, grandpa was once branded as the town's chick-magnet, that's probably why he thinks I'm boring. 

"I know pops, I know." I said. 

"Well you know, back in the days, I was at the stage of denying what I feel for your grandma and then an asshole tried to bring her to a serious relationship, I thought t'was fine but then I knew that if I let your grandma go, it would be the worst decision I could ever make. So I fought back, I changed my old loser concept and became the chick-magnet in town who's under the spell of your grandmother." He said. Oh God! Spare me the gory details of my grandparent's lovestory.

"But hiding as Jared, it's not easy." I said as I opened the lid of the cracker's can. "Well we're not in New York now son, your death there gave you another chance to change who you are, the only thing that changed is your name. You are still Luke, the guy who can nail everything he does. Now I know its hard, but going back to being Luke isn't a bad decision at all." He said and got up then went upstairs.

"Jared honey, help me out here in the kitchen." Mom shouted.

"Coming" I said and made my way to the kitchen.

"So mind explaining why the Principal texted me saying you knocked someone's ass?" Yikes! Mr. Portman sure is quick.

"He punched Brit." I coldly said. "WHAT?!" And there goes the plate she was holding, scattered in pieces on the floor.

"He didn't mean to okay, Brit took the punch that was meant for me." I said. "HE WAS GOING TO PUNCH YOU?!" Oh Shit! I shouldn't have said that, idiot!

"It was a misunderstanding mom, just teenage stuffs. No need to get worked up okay?" I said and bent in-front of her to pickup the broken pieces of the plates.

"Well you sure did well in punching the hell out of him for hurting your girl." Geez. She's surely getting ahead of herself. "She's not my girl." I said and open the back door to getaway. "Not Yet." She shouted. Yeah...right.

We got home by 8PM after dinner. Mom went to the company because dad is home and she said she wants to surprise him, cheesy. I opened my phone and launched the messenger app. I saw a message request and the name I saw wasn't the name I expected to stay there for 3 hours, Tommy Roswell. What's with this dude? I really don't get him, if he wants Brittany then he can have her...(Are you sure?) my inner self asked. Uhm...can I take it? Brittany with another guy? Maybe this is how grandpa felt back then. Should I do what grandpa did? Maybe. I don't know. It's driving me crazy! I sighed and opened up his message.

Tommy: Hey. I don't know what's up with you and Brittany, I don't actually care. But I really like her, this ain't just a mere infatuation.


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