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Chapter 8- Nerd no more

Jared's POV

Well I guess that's one thing corrected, next up is the varsity. As I got home, I opened my laptop to look for my old videos back when I was the captain ball of NYU's Varsity team.

I clicked the folder named 'Hidden' which contained all my files as Luke back then. I opened the messenger app and forwarded the video to Mr. Anderson, the coach of the basketball team and the general facilitator. I was notified that he viewed the videos, then few seconds later he started typing. "Is that you Scotland?" He asked, well obviously.

"Uhm...yeah, Sorry I didn't had the confidence to do the try out back then." I said. "Seriously? I had a star player right under my shoes and I had no idea. You're coming to the training tomorrow 5:30 PM sharp at the main gym. Wear your proper attire, I don't need to tell what those are." He said. Alright, Roswell you're going down. I went to sleep by 1:30 AM


The next day came and mom woke me up early in the morning to help her prepare breakfast because dad is here.

"Honey, do you really want to stay as Jared that way?" Mom asked, oh right. I haven't told her anything that grandpa said yet and what I decided to do.

"No. I actually sneaked out last night." I said and chuckled.

"You did what?!" She asked.

"I went out to meet Brittany and told her everything." I said and she stopped chopping the carrots and looked at me with an amused face.

"Oh god! So what now? What did she say? Are you gonna be dating her now?" For who's sake it is, my mom surely transforms into one of those Hollywood Paparazzi every time she's curious about things.

"I'm courting her now." I said and she shouted while giggling, Oh god here we go.

"What's with the early morning giggling alarm?" Dad said as he approached us from behind. He hugged mom from the back and kissed her cheeks, mom blushed, gross. He tapped my shoulders and pinched my cheeks. "Dad!" He laughed, he knows how much I hate it when people pinch my cheeks. "Your son decided that he'll court Mr. Swift's only daughter." Mom said, great! Now two paparazzi are after me. "Did you? That's great son, Brittany is a good kid, I've known her since she was still a little doll." Dad said and ate a stick of raw carrots, the hell. 

"Well I'm starting today, wish me luck." I said and picked my backpack up.

"You're Luke Scotland, you're my son, our son, you don't need goodluck." Dad said. Geez, he's too confident about me.


Brittany's POV

"Oh God have you heard about the hottie who just parked his cat awhile ago? He is so gorgeous like a Greek God!" A girl said as she walked passed by me with her friends. (Cat as in the Jaguar, the car brand)

Could they possibly be talking about...

I ignored them and went to the music room, I gotta finish my piece for music class today. It's weird how I haven't seen Jared since this morning, I'm wondering if I was only dreaming last night.

I grabbed the guitar as I sat down the stool chair of the mini stage in the room.

"I figured you'd be hear today." Someone familiar said behind my back that made me lose my balance because of surprise. "Gotcha." He said catching before I could fall to the floor. I froze and I could feel my cheeks burning right now, this is embarrassing. He helped me stand and smiled, Oh God how can I be used to this guy around me?

"What are you doing here?" I asked and sat on the chair once again. He took the other chair and placed it right next to me.

"Well I see you every friday morning 10 AM going here doing your songs." Uhm...what?

"You stalk me?" I chuckled while asking him. "Uhm...not in a weird way okay? You just easily catch my attention every time you pass by here since I always stay at the park across this room." He said, hmm...defensive. "Alright, alright no need to get too defensive Scotland." I said and started to tune my guitar.

"You're getting good at that one." He said. I had an idea, I hope he's not gonna shut this one out.

"You play right? Play me one." I requested. "Uhm...it's been awhile since I last played." He said and grabbed the other guitar behind him.

"Well an artist will always be an artist, talents don't rot after all." I said and faced him. "Alright." He said and started strumming the guitar strings.

"Maybe I came on too strong...Maybe I waited too long." He sang. My body froze as his voice started to register in my mind. Uhm...how the hell can he sound like that?

"Maybe I played my cards wrong, Oh just a little bit wrong...Baby I~ apologize for it." His voice had me pin my eyes on him.


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