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Chapter 11- THE date

Jared's POV:

I was at the locker room when Tommy approached me.

"I heard what happened at the cafeteria...thank you for not letting Cassandra hurt Brittany." He said.

"No need to thank me dude, I wouldn't let anyone hurt her, not even a mosquito." I said.

"I can see that you're ahead of me in terms of Brittany, should I just back out?" He said, I faced him.

"Man Up dude, this is just the start, I'm not trying to turn Brittany into a competition between us but isn't she worth the fight? I'll give everything I have to win her, you should too." I said. 

"You're right, how stupid of me. Watch your back Scotland, I'm gonna take a huge leap the next time." He said and walked his way to the gymnasium. I shook my head and placed my sport back inside the locker.


"Everyone this is Jared Scotland, your temporary captain in replacement for Tommy who currently injured. Team? when Tommy gets back, he will be the assistant captain. I know you've got some questions but let me answer that with 'when did I ever let a loser enter my team?' alright?" Coach said. They all nodded and approached me and welcomed me with a hand shake. They told me about the update of their training, what drills they do and what do they plan to do during the inter-school championship.

"So starting next week, we will do the drill again and again to firmly build your stamina and durability. We'll have a team vs. team game every after training but we will also have a friendly game outside the campus every Friday afternoon to also expose the team to different types of players so that during the inter-school, we won't feel any doubts or second thoughts on our training." I explained to the team as they circled around me after the drills.

"You really have a knack of being a team captain Scotland, suits you well." Tommy said. "Nah, I'm just doing this for you since I'm the reason why you can't lead them." I said and took off my jersey. "So why hide Jared?" He asked. I looked at him "For a change?" I lied. "Wanna go grab some burger at the Colin's?" He asked "Sorry I can't I actually have plans, next time I surely will." I said and left the room. (Colin's is a diner open 24 hours in their city)


Brittany's POV:

"Jared asked you out on a date?!" My mom shouted as I told her.

"Yes..." I said with a wide smile plastered on my face.

"Oh My Gosh! My baby is finally going out on a date!!" She said giggling, she is so weird hahaha

"What do you need? Do you still have a make up? You can borrow one of my dresses if you like!" She said, wow she's more excited than I am.

"Mom...I'm gonna be fine!" I said and laughed, I walked inside my room and grabbed a red-white stripped sleeveless top and a light-gold flared skirt.

I did my usual school make-up with a skin colored BB cream and a lip&cheek tint to give me fresh look. I wore my golden D'orsay 1-inch heels. I finished preparing by 6:40 PM so I went down carrying a white mini sling bag and hanged it on my right shoulder.

"Oh my, honey I can't believe you are actually going out on a date right now!" Mom said as she saw me walking downstairs.

"Mom seriously, you need to accept the fact like right now." I said, she just can't process that I'm really in this stage.

"Alright, I won't remind you about your curfew young woman, I know that you are a very good kid. When you're out, I'm gonna call your dad and tell him about this, I'm sure he's gonna be hysterical!" She said as she grabbed her phone and turned it on. She surely acts a little younger than she actually is, that's probably why she's my bestfriend too.

A car honked outside, mom took a peek from the window and turned her gaze towards me "He's here." She said once again, giggling.

She opened the door and revealed my date who looked so hot in his gray shirt under his black leather jacket and a pair of black jeans, Oh how did I get so lucky?

"My My, what a handsome young man you've become Jared." Mom said as she leaned on the door trying to make an awesome angle, she looked weird actually.

"Well I can't actually look ugly if I date the most beautiful girl in my eyes right?" He said that made me blush. "Appearances doesn't matter." I said as I walked towards him.

"Okay love birds don't go saying sweet stuffs in my face, or else I might actually throw you both some newly burnt coal!" Mom said as she crossed her arms, we laughed. It's moments like this that made me believe in eternal happiness but I know that's not just gonna happen so I might as well grab this moment. Jared offered his hands to me that I gladly accepted and wrapped his right arm with mine. 


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