I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 8 : The beautiful Muslim girl

Justin's POV

It was my third day at the new school. Transferring here from England was the toughest choice I've ever made in my life. I had to leave everything behind. My house, my family and my friends. If it wasn't for my father, I wouldn't be moving here with my mother.

I already made friends with some people here although I only have been here for 3 days. I guess I got popular without even realizing it. There were a lot of Muslims here but I didn't make friends with any of them. I only hung out with the non-Muslims just the way it was back in England.

I took English Literature and Mrs. Melek gave us a task to work on. We were given different titles and I had to do a research on 'The Rise And Fall Of Victorian Poets'. Whether I like it or not, I have to go to the library to start working on the task.


When I entered the library, my eyes instantly fell on a girl that I was messing around with yesterday. I gotta admit that the Muslim girl was very beautiful. She had a round face shape and blue-green eyes. She also had a perfect slim figure.


She wore a headscarf and that was the only reason why I decided to make a scene with her yesterday. I just couldn't stand being around Muslims. There were a lot of girls here wearing a headscarf like her but she was the only girl that made me wanted to do such a thing. I didn't think that I was attracted to her in some way because I'd swear to God that I would never ever fall in love with a Muslim girl. I never even hung out with one back in England.

I saw her reaching for a book on the top shelf but she couldn't pull it off the shelf. She was too short to even reach for it. I was thinking that if I get it for her maybe that would piss her more. I walked towards her but I didn't think she even noticed me standing by her side. I grabbed the book before she could even jumped for it and handed it over to her. She glanced over to look at me and her eyes suddenly grew wider.


"Surprised?" I smirked. Her eyes were locked to mine but nothing came out of her mouth. She just took the book and walked away. I tried to stop her by grabbing her arm.


"Hey! Don't you dare touch me!" she yanked her arm and I let go.



"You're such a jerk! Did you get amnesia? You assaulted me yesterday." she scowled at me.


"Oh, I remember now. I'm sorry about that, little girl." I raised my hands up in the air as a sign of surrender.


"Whatever." she said and walked away.


"Come on. I was only messing with you." I called to her.


"Just leave me alone!" she called back but didn't turn around to look at me.


I couldn't help myself but stare at her body as she made her way out of the library. Although her curves were invisible because she always wears a loose blouse to cover herself since the first time I saw her at school. This girl is something. I thought to myself.



It was 4 in the evening when it started to rain heavily. I headed towards the parking lot, dug out the keys from my pocket and climbed into my car.


As I was warming up the car, I saw the Muslim girl with a guy. He was tall and muscular. I didn't know who he was. It looked like he was offering her a ride home. He took off his jacket, draped it over her and they rushed together under the rain to the parking lot. I watched every move they made. They seemed close. Is he her boyfriend? Wait! Why do I care again?


I tried to shake all of the nonsense from my head, pulled out of the parking lot and started driving home. When I arrived home, the rain was beginning to stop. Thank God! I pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. I unlocked the door and went inside.


"Mom? Are you home?" I called to see if she was home.

"Hey, honey. You're back?" she said, walking down the stairs.

"Yea." I kissed her forehead.


"Are you hungry? I'll fix you something." she smiled.

"No thanks, mom. I'm tired. I think I'm gonna go upstairs to my room." I excused myself while heading upstairs.




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