I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 11 : Get in the car!

"Camila, look at me." he demanded. His voice was deep.

"What is it?" I slowly lifted my head up to look at him.


"Look. I'm sorry for what I did to you the other day, okay? I really am sorry." he locked his eyes to mine.

"Why are you doing this?"


"I guess I felt guilty." he threw his hands in front of him.


"And why should I trust you?" I crossed my arms.


"Camila, please? I'm really sorry. I was just hoping that we could be friends."


"Oh, please! You said you didn't like being around someone like me. I think you were referring to my religion. Just admit it that you're just like everyone else. You hated Muslims. Why would you wanna be friends with a Muslim girl?" I raised my voice a little bit.


"I'm just saying sorry, alright?" that was all he managed to say to me.


"Fine. I gotta go." I turned around and started walking away from him.


He didn't say a word after that. He just let me go. Why is he doing this? Should I really trust this guy for sure? I don't think so, Camila. He's dangerous and you know that! I thought to myself. My mind was battling whether or not to trust him. Allahu!


I made my way back to the cafe. Adam and Derin were still at the table. They were talking to each other about something. It was probably about Justin. I'm in trouble!


"Camila. Where have you been? Did he do anything to you?" Derin stood up. The look on her face explained everything. She was worrying sick about me.


"Derin, don't worry. He didn't do anything to me. He just wanted to apologise for assaulting me the other day."


"Did you accept his apology?" Adam asked.


"I don't think so. I mean I didn't trust him." I shrugged my shoulders.


"That's good to know. I don't think you should be trusting him anyway." Adam said in a very serious tone.


"Yea. I think we should be going to class now." I said while looking at my watch.


"Okay. Let's go." Derin said.



"I'll see you guys tomorrow." I waved Adam and Derin goodbye as we stepped out of the school building.


"Goodbye." they both said while waving at me.


I dug out my phone from my pocket and started dialling Mia's number. I hope she'll pick up. I definitely don't wanna be walking home for half an hour.


"Hello, Mia? Could you come pick me up at school?" I called my sister to ask if she could pick me up.


Just before she could answer me, a black BMW suddenly pulled up next to where I was standing. The windshield rolled down and I bent down a little to see who was in the vehicle. I saw Justin was on the other side. Oh no! Not him again!


"Hey again." he smiled but I didn't know what it means. I rolled my eyes and looked away.

"Oh c'mon, Camila. Do you need a ride home?" he asked sarcastically.


I muted my phone for a moment. "No. Not from you."


"Don't be so stubborn, Camila. Get it." his tone was serious.


Oh boy! He's really getting on my nerves this time. I took my phone off of mute. "I'll call you back, Mia." I said and hung up. I slipped my phone back into my pocket.


"I said no." I raised my voice and formed an angry frown on my face.


"Fine. If you put it that way." he said. I thought he was giving up when he said that but I was wrong. He got out of his car and before I could run away, he grabbed my arm and pulled me into his car.


"Let go of me! What's wrong with you? I said no." I jerked my arm to release myself from him but it was no use.


"Shut up, Camila!" he demanded.


He climbed into the driver's seat and locked the doors. A few seconds later, he started driving. Oh my God! He's gonna kill me and dump my body somewhere in the woods. Help me! I was screaming inside.


"Please don't kill me." I glanced over at him and frowned. I could feel my hands were shaking.


"Don't be an idiot, Camila. I'm not gonna kill you. I'm just giving you a ride home. That's all." his blue eyes fixed on the road.


"Really?" my voice was getting shaky.


"I promise, Camila." he glanced over at me and put his focus back on the road.


"So, where to?" he asked. I gave him the directions to my house and we rode in silence until we reached the driveway. He pulled into the driveway and parked. He unlocked the doors and I immediately jumped out of the car.


"Wow, wow. Hold on there. Aren't you gonna say thank you or something?" he asked with a smirk.


"Oh, yea. Thank you." I said and quickly made my way to the door. I dug out my keys, unlocked the door and went inside.


My breathing was fast and I took a few seconds to calm myself down. I took a pick outside from the window and saw him pulling out of the driveway. His car was out of sight afterwards.


"Fuhhh." I leaned against the wall with my hands on my chest as a sign of relief.


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