I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 12 : Journey to the lake

"There you are. I was worrying about you. Why did you hang up on me?" Mia suddenly interrupted me while walking down the stairs.

"Oh, sorry. I needed a ride earlier but then someone offered me one. So I...Well, I'm home." I murmured.


"Okay. So, who gave you a ride home?" she crossed her arms, waiting for my answer.


"Errr...a friend of mine." I hesitated and my voice was getting shaky.


"Who's this friend?" she kept pushing. Allahu! What does she want?


"Just a friend, Mia. I'm tired. Now will you excuse me?" I tried to shut her out and went sprinting upstairs to my room. Luckily, she didn't ask more questions after that. Alhamdulillah.


I entered my room and let myself fell onto the bed. Today was exhausting. He gave me a ride? He actually gave me a ride? What's going on here? I clearly don't understand him. He's nice sometimes but on the other hand he can also turns himself into a complete jerk. What's up with that? I could feel my stomach aching every time I think about him. Allahu.


After all those thoughts, I totally forgot that I have to pack up my things for the trip to the lake tomorrow. Oh God! How could I've forget? I got up from my bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower before I started packing.




I finished packing all of my stuff for tomorrow and I was feeling very hungry at that moment. So I went downstairs to get something to eat and I saw my mom sitting at the table in the living room. I approached her slowly.


"Hey, mom. How's work?" I asked while placing a kiss on her cheek. My mom works as a lecturer. She would come home late at night sometimes but still has time for me and my sister. She loves talking about her students at the university and shares her experience teaching them. My mom is an amazing woman and I'm proud of her.


"Hey, honey. Everything's great. How about you?" she smiled.


"It was okay." I didn't even know whether I'm telling the truth or not. I mean today turned out to be fine. Yeah. Everything's fine, Camila.


"Good to hear. Are you hungry? I'll fix something for dinner and we can all eat together. How's that sounds?" she stood up from the table and went into the kitchen.


"Sounds great. I'll help." I followed her into the kitchen.

"Hey. Where's your sister anyway?" she asked while chopping the carrots.


"Oh, she's probably in her room finishing her assignment. What are you making?"


"Well, I was thinking about Masala Macaroni."


"Ermmm. You know I would die for your Masala Macaroni, mom." I grinned.


"Sure, honey. Whatever you say." she rolled her eyes and I laughed.


"Errr...mom? You remember about my school trip to the lake tomorrow, right?" I asked.

"Of course, honey. How could I've forget?"


"Yea. I know you wouldn't forget." I smiled.




I woke up early today just to make sure that I got everything I needed for this trip. Although it was only for a day but I wanted this to be perfect. I've decided to wear a black tracksuit and a grey sweatshirt. I wrapped a black hijab around my head, grabbed my backpack and went downstairs.


"Hey, are you ready to go?" Mia was waiting for me downstairs to give me a ride to school today.


"Yea." I nodded.


Mia started the car and I climbed into the passenger's seat. A few minutes later, she started driving and we made our way to the school.


I saw Derin was waving at me on the bus. I approached her and took a seat beside her. Adam was sitting behind us with his friend. Justin entered the bus a while later and he looked at me.

"Hey, Camila. It's good to see you." she smiled warmly at me.


"Yea." I rolled my eyes and he took his seat at the back of the bus. Alhamdulillah. He's far away from me. I don't have to deal with him throughout our journey to the lake. I mean like for now when we're on the bus.

The journey to the lake took us 2 hours. During the ride, our teacher gave us the instructions and what we'll be doing when we arrived at the lake. I hope everything will be fine. Insyaallah!


Edited: 18.10.2019

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