I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 15 : I will never forgive him!

"Camila!" I heard him yelling my name.


"Don't you even dare call my name!" I turned my back around for a second and pointed my index finger towards him.


"Where are you going?" he asked but I didn't give him any response. I just continue to walk away from him.


"C'mon, Camila. I'm sorry, okay? Just come back here. You're gonna get lost in this forest all by yourself." he called. Why is it so easy for him to ask for my forgiveness after the disgusting thing that he had done to me? Twice! I swear to God that I'll never ever forgive him this time! Period.


"I'd rather be lost in this forest than being alone with you ever again!" I yelled and tears streaming down my face once again.

I gave him one last glance and ran towards the trees. I was running as fast as I could but I didn't see any sign of him anywhere. So I was positive that he wasn't following me. Alhamdulillah. I have to get away from him as far as possible.


I remembered that I gave Adam and Derin the map and the compass so I have no idea where I was going but I couldn't care less about it because my goal was just to escape far away from him. I was just hoping for one thing. DON'T GET LOST.


I walked around the murky forest and trying to find a way out. It felt like I had been walking forever, my legs felt like jelly and I had no energy left. I was exhausted! I sat down on a tree stump when suddenly I saw something.


"MasyaAllah. I did it!" I said when I saw a group of students at the site where we gathered around before the activity started. Alhamdulillah! I have finally found my way back. It was a miracle. I was very thankful to Allah.

I walked towards the site and before I could move an inch further, I heard a sweet voice calling my name from behind me. That voice definitely belongs to Derin. I thought to myself as I turned around slowly to face her.


"Camila!" I saw her running towards me and pulled me into her arms. Adam was following her from behind.

"Hey." I hugged her back and patted her on her shoulders. I knew that I was holding my tears at that time. I never wanted for her to know what happened between Justin and me while we were alone in the forest.


"Are you okay? Where have you been? I was worrying sick about you!" she hit me with her questions nonstop until I couldn't even answer any of them.


"Yea, Camila. Where have you been with that Justin anyway? We're about to tell the teacher that you're missing." Adam added.


"Errr...I...I was..." I murmured. Seriously! I don't even know what I have to say to her and Adam as an excuse. I was so confused and so lost.


"Hey. Where's Justin? I haven't seen him. He's not with you?" Adam asked. Shit! Now what?


"You know what? It doesn't matter. What's important is that Camila's back safe and sound." Derin cupped my face with both of her hands. Alhamdulillah! She was a saviour.


"Yea. You're right, Derin." Adam nodded.


"Good news, Camila. We have found the hidden booth in the forest. We've finished at third place." he said, waving the map in his hand.

"Alhamdulillah. That's great. Way to go you two!" I smiled. Oh my God! I couldn't even describe how I felt at that time. They were such good friends. I never stop praying to Allah so that our friendships will last forever until Jannah. Insyaallah.


After a little celebration, we made our way back to the site. We saw some students have already finished their tasks. They were probably those who finished at first or second place. Well, I was just glad that our group didn't finish last.




A few minutes later, the teacher asked us to gather around once again after all the groups have arrived safely at the site. I have to say that I saw Justin at the site as well. I could feel him taking a glance at me sometimes when he didn't think I noticed him doing that but I didn't feel the need to look at him at all. I hope not again after this.


The teacher told us that the prize for the first, second and third place will be given at school probably during school hours tomorrow. After that, we were given some time to spend at the lake. We were allowed to take pictures and do whatever we wanted. I was glad that jerk didn't have the courage to confront me in front of everybody just to say sorry once more. I didn't know how to even look him in the eye after what he had done to me in the forest. That was too much. I'll never forget that. Ever!

In the evening, the bus arrived to take us back to our school. We packed all of our things and got on the bus. When I was making myself comfortable in my seat, I saw Justin staring at me when he was walking towards the back to his seat but I looked away. Disgusting! I thought to myself.


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