I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 21 : Babysitting Justin Walker

I noticed his bruised and marked knuckles when he handed me the bottle which indicated that he had been punching the walls several times before I arrived.


"I think we should fix that." I said, pointing towards his bruised knuckles.

"I'll live." he smirked. He's still making jokes at a time like this? Unbelievable!


"That's not funny." I rolled my eyes.


"What?" he asked.


"Can we just go inside, please?" I persuaded him.


"Fine. Let's go inside." he sighed.


We made our way towards the house. He couldn't even balance himself when he was walking. After a few steps, he suddenly stumbled on his own feet and fell onto the floor.


"Oh my God! Are you okay?" I kneeled down to check on him.


"I'm okay. Just a little..." he slurred his words.


"You're completely wasted. Steve? Steve!" I called to Steve to come and help us.


A while later, I saw Steve came running towards us. He lifted Justin and draped his arm over his shoulders and walked him into the house.


"Steve? Can you get the first aid kit?" I asked.


"Of course. I'll be right back." he said and disappeared.

"Come here." I took a seat at the kitchen counter and patted on the seat beside me.


He sat down beside me and placed both of his hands on the counter in front of me. Steve came back a minute later with the first aid kit in his hand.


"Can you leave us alone, Steve?" Justin suddenly requested. Steve glanced over at me and I nodded. He left and was out of sight afterwards.


"Let me see." I said, taking a look at his left knuckle first.


His knuckle was beginning to turn purple. I used a wet towel to rub the remaining blood from his knuckle. I massaged an ice bag on his knuckle to reduce the swelling and applied a small amount of medication on his skin.

"There you go. Let me see the other one." I said.


When I was examining his knuckle, I felt his eyes scanning my face. There was just a little gap between our 2 faces. We've never been this close before. If he moves a little further, our lips would definitely touch.


"Camila?" he whispered. The smell of alcohol from his mouth entered my nostrils which made me want to throw up.

"What is it?" I look at him waiting for his answer but nothing came out of his mouth. He just sat there and hit me with his intense gaze. His piercing blue eyes met mine.

I realized that he was leaning closer towards me in an attempt to kiss me. Crap! Is he going to kiss me? I think so if he's still under the influence of alcohol. Hell no! I immediately turned my head away.


"What can't I kiss you?" he asked. Yup. He's still drunk. I could tell by the way he slurred each words.


"You're drunk, Justin. Stop being ridiculous or I'm leaving." I threatened him.


"Fine." he pushed his messy hair back with his hand.


"I'll keep my hands to myself." he said.


"Finally. You've learned." I cheered and he faked a smile.


"Done." I said after finished treating both of his swollen knuckles.


"Great." he stood up, taking his shirt off and tossed it onto the floor. Astaghfirullah! What's he doing? Didn't he know that I'm here? He's definitely doing it on purpose. What a jerk he is! I wanted to tell him that but kept it to myself instead.


"What are you doing?" I crossed my arms.


"What?" he pretended like he didn't know. Dick!


"You can't wait 2 seconds until I leave before you took your shirt off?"


"I don't want you to leave." he smirked and I rolled my eyes.


"You shouldn't toss your shirt onto the floor like that." I picked up his dirty shirt from the floor and folded it neatly.


"I'm going to bed." he said, standing in front of me.


"Good idea."


"Are you coming?" he smirked and I threw the shirt in his face.


I couldn't help myself but steal a glance at his revealing chiseled six-pack. MasyaAllah! What's got into you, Camila? I tried to shake these haram thoughts from my mind. Okay. I better make an excuse to leave now.


"I'm gonna go now." I excused myself and made my way towards the door.


"Wait! Let me walk you." he called.


"No you're not." I denied his request.


"Please?" he begged playfully.


"Fine." I sighed and he followed me until I reached the car. SHIRTLESS!


We got to the car and I placed my hand on the car door handle. When I was about to open the door, he pushed it closed with his hand.


"Justin!" I formed a serious expression on my face.


"I think you owe me a kiss." he lifted his left eyebrow. What's with him anyway? Justin Walker intended to kiss a Muslim girl like me? Never in a million years.


"Can you stop with this kissing thing?" I raised both of my hands as a sign to make him stop.




"You'll keep your hands to yourself, remember?" I raised my eyebrows.


"Oppps. I forgot." he said and bursted into a hideous laughter. It sounded really bad. Allahu! What will I do with him? He's in his own playful world.


I looked at my watch and it was already 8.30. Shit! My sister's gonna kill me for stealing her car. My mom? She's gonna be asking thousands of questions. Great! Babysitting Justin Walker's gonna get me roasted.


"I gotta go." I said, climbing into the driver's seat and started driving afterwards.


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