I Fell For The Muslim Girl

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Chapter 32 : Trying to respect her

I entered my room and dropped the present on my bed. I took my hijab off and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I got out and blew dry my hair off and slipped on my sweatpants and blue strappy shirt.


I sat down on the bed and took out the velvet box from the bag. I opened the box slowly and the elegant necklace was revealed. I held out the necklace in front of me and the thought of Justin instantly came across my mind. Is he totally serious about this? If he is serious about me, how are we going to be together? I mean with his parents' past and everything that happened to them. It's just impossible for us to be together


When I was thinking about all of that, I heard my phone buzzing beside me on the bed. I grabbed it and saw Justin's name appeared on the screen. Speak of the devil. It's kinda funny. I was just thinking about him and he just sent me a text.


Hey! How are you doing? I'm texting just to check on you.

- Justin


I'm good. My mom, my sister, Adam and Derin were here just now. They came to celebrate my birthday and bring me presents.


What did you get from them?

- Justin


Well, my mom gave me a new scarf while my sister on the other hand got me a sweatshirt. Adam gave me a music box and an Eiffel Tower keyring from Derin.


That's neat. What about my present? Did you decide to wear it yet?

- Justin


Justin, you just gave me the necklace this morning. I haven't decided yet.


I was just asking tho. I'll see you at school tomorrow ;)

- Justin


Alright. See you tomorrow!


I dropped my phone on the bed beside me and put the necklace back into the box. I've decided to hide the box inside my drawer so that my mom or Mia wouldn't find it when she entered my room.


Justin's POV


I arrived at school kinda early today. I pulled my car into the parking lot and got out. I've got 30 minutes before the first period of the day started. I walked into the school building and went to the school hallway.


When I was walking in the hallway, I saw Camila was gathering her books from the locker. I've decided to approach her to say hi.


"Hey, Camila." I said, holding out both of my arms to give her a hug.


She turned around and before I could pull her into my arms, she stopped me by placing her hand on my chest.


"Wow wow wow, hold on there. What are you doing?" she frowned.


"I was about to hug you."


"You can't do that." she sighed while shaking her head.


"Why not?" I asked curiously.


"Hands to yourself, Walker." she reminded me, crossing her arms.


"C'mon, Camila. Just tell me why I can't do that to you."


"My religion forbids me from having any physical contacts with the opposed sex. Do you understand?" she looked me in the eye, waiting for my answer.


"I get it and I'll try to respect that, okay?" I raised both of my hands to confirm her that I've understood.


"Good." she said, a cute smile formed on her beautiful face.


Oh my fucking God! This is the first time I can't have any physical contacts with a girl. I mean to be honest, I really wanted to touch her since the first day I saw her at school. This sucks. I don't think I can do this anymore. Okay. You've got to chill out, Justin! If you really wanted this to work with her, you've got to shut your big ass mouth and respect her. Yeah! That's right. I can do this!


"Where are you going?" I asked when I saw her started to walk away from me.


"To class, silly."


"Camila, didn't you realize that we've got about 25 minutes before class starts?"


"I know but I like being early." she said proudly.


"Can't we go somewhere else for a while? Just you and me?" I suggested. I'm not gonna lie because I really missed her during the weekends. I missed teasing and annoying her.


"Where?" she sighed, rolling her eyes.


I looked around and saw a table for two at our school's mini park. I pointed towards it and she followed me to the park. I sat down, she dropped her bag on the table and took her seat in front of me.


"This is nice, right?" I smirked.

"Whatever you say." she looked away.


I was eyeing her for a moment when I realized the pink hijab she was wearing today really matched her skin tone. She was so beautiful.


My mind suddenly came out with the question about why do Muslim women need to wear hijabs and cover themselves with loose clothes. I mean I know that they are supposed to wear hijab but why. I was curious. I guess I'll ask her.


"Camila?" I called and she turned to face me.




"Can I ask you something?"


"Shoot!" she said, waiting impatiently for me.


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